How to fix Xiaomi Mi 6 that won’t turn on, other power issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

When it comes to affordable smartphones with high-end specs, Xiaomi Mi 6 is among the highly preferred brands. This well-priced smartphone comes with an impressive battery life at 3350 mAh, 350mAh more than the Galaxy S8. But despite this power advantage, some users were still caught in a dilemma in which their device suddenly refuses to power on. What causes it to encounter this power and how to get it fixed? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

But before we go to our troubleshooting, if you happen to be looking for a solution to a different problem, then I suggest you visit our Xiaomi Mi 6 troubleshooting page for we may have already addressed concerns that are similar with yours. Feel free to use our solutions and workarounds. If they don’t work and you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire and hitting submit.

Common factors that can prevent your Xiaomi Mi 6 from turning on

There are two possible main reasons as to why your phone won’t turn on. It can be due to a hardware problem that is preventing your device from carrying out bootup functions or it could be the software that has crashed and needs to be reset or restored. Many cases of smartphones that won’t turn on have been tied to a bad or dead battery though. But there are also others who have encountered the same problem but later found out that the software is at fault. To give you some more clues on which factors to look into, here’s a more detailed list of possible causes:

  • The phone is frozen or stuck in sleep mode or power off.
  • The operating system (software update) installed is corrupted, resulting to your phone freezing, crashing, and shuts down completely.
  • The device is clogged up with dust and lint causing the hardware to not work properly
  • The power button is damaged or broken, causing it to become unable to carry out its function.
  • The phone’s battery is out of charge or completely drained.

As much as possible try to determine whether it is due to a hardware or software problem. If it’s the software then consider the following workarounds should you wish to troubleshoot and fix it by yourself. Otherwise, you may consider opting to pay for tech service.

Recommended solutions and workarounds to deal with a Xiaomi Mi 6 that doesn’t power on

Highlighted below are generic solutions and recommended workarounds to deal with the Xiaomi Mi 6 that won’t turn on. These methods are only applicable for software-related cases however.

First solution: Try a hard reset Xiaomi Mi 6 using the hardware keys to enter recovery mode

A hard reset, also known as master reset or factory reset erases all data on the device storage and restores it to factory defaults. If possible, try to backup your device by connecting it to a computer before you try this reset. While there is no guarantee that this method will get your phone spring back to life, it won’t hurt to try. Here’s how to hard reset your Xiaomi Mi 6:

To get started, your device needs to be turned off. Assuming that it is already off (since you are having trouble turning it on), just proceed with these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time for about 10 seconds.
  2. Release the Power button when the Mi logo appears but continue holding down the Volume Up button.
  3. When the Recovery Mode screen appears, release the Volume up button.
  4. In the Recovery Mode screen, use the Volume Down key to select Wipe & Reset option then press the Power key to confirm selection.
  5. Use the Volume Down key to select Wipe All Data option then press the Power key to confirm.
  6. Use the Volume Down key to select Yes then press the Power key to confirm action.

Wait until the device completes the entire reset process. If a hard reset is able to fix the phone, then it means that the device was actually on the whole time. What likely happens is that something in the device system has gone wrong and forcing it to get stuck on black screen. It could be a software crash, corrupted app, or faulty update is the culprit.

Second solution: Use Android Data Extraction/Recovery tools.

Seeing the rising number of complex software issues transpiring in various Android devices, developers are doing their best to cater the needs and offer support to end-users in dealing with pertinent problems. These solutions typically come in a form of dedicated software or Android Data Recovery or Restore app for users to download and installed on the computer when needed. You can give any of these solutions a shot in an attempt to get your phone back to life.

If you have a computer available, try to search for the best possible Android Recovery software online. Download and install the software then follow the onscreen instructions on how to recover data from your Xiaomi Mi 6 or if possible, get it back on. Basically the entire process involves connecting your Xiaomi Mi 6 to the computer using a compatible USB cable. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install the Android Recovery software on your computer. Be sure to download the software that meets the minimum system requirements and compatible with the computer’s operating system in use. If you are using a Windows PC, select the Windows version of the app, otherwise, select the compatible version for Mac computers.
  2. Connect your Xiaomi Mi 6 to the computer using the supplied or compatible USB cable.
  3. Open the Android Recovery software on the computer and wait for it to recognize your device.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the entire process of recovering or restoring your Android phone.

More Helpful Suggestions

  • Check the charger, charging ports, and other charging paraphernalia.
  • Check for physical or liquid damage.
  • Try to connect your phone to a computer. If the computer is able to recognize your phone, try to backup your data. This can be your only chance to recover information if ever repair is necessary.
  • Try charging your device to your laptop or a power bank. Some users were able to obtain temporary fix by charging the phone to other power source. It turns out that charging the phone with higher or lower voltage or output power can somehow rectify the issue.
  • If there are any connected hardware e.g. SD card, remove them from the device. A similar issue can be triggered by a bad or corrupted SD card inserted in the device.
  • Start your Android phone in Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the Menu or Volume Down button on your device.

Should the previous steps do not work for you, consider sending your Android device to an authorized repair shop and have a capable technician do some necessary hardware assessment and fixing on the phone.

Seek further assistance

Escalate the problem to your device carrier if your Xiaomi Mi 6 still won’t turn on after performing all prior troubleshooting methods and workarounds. At this point, you may likewise consider the possibility of a hardware issue that might have prevented the device from powering on. Availing for warranty is also another thing to consider if eligible.

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