Fix to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Syncing

Galaxy S3 not syncing

A message recently came in Mailbag from Kelly about a problem wherein her Samsung Galaxy S3 not syncing. The email reads, “Hi The Droid Guy. I am so glad that you are on this case now because it will finally get solved. The problem is that the Contacts on my Samsung Galaxy S3 have not synced through Google since June 4, 2013. Nothing special happened that day that I can recall nor did I download any attachments that were from unknown sources or suspicious apps. I read somewhere that Backup Assistant may be contributing to the problem so I disabled it. That did not remedy the problem with Google Sync. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 running Android 4.1.2 on the Verizon Wireless network. Attached are pictures which may assist you in diagnosing and fixing the issue. I placed the problem on Google forum as well but there’s no answer yet. Thanks for your help in advance.”

Possible Solutions to a Galaxy S3 Not Syncing

Upon researching about the problem in the Verizon Wireless Forum, it was confirmed by several subscribers that the Backup Assistant of the carrier is indeed causing problems, especially in syncing their devices. So, one solution suggested there was to disable it similar to what Kelly did.

In a related article that we published months ago about the Galaxy S3 not syncing problem, we also suggested clearing the cache of the email app, removing the Google account and adding it again. In addition, we have mentioned too that toggling Airplane mode seemed to fix the issue too according to some users.

If all else fails, there must be a problem with the system files of the phone which is either caused by the buggy Backup Assistant or other third-party apps. If this is the case, the only solution left would be to do a Factory Reset. This will completely delete Backup Assistant as well.

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Source: Verizon Wireless Forum

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  4. for anyone else with this issue, here might be some actual and real troubleshooting steps:

    I’d export my contacts to csv format and then delete them from Google. I’d then create 1 contact on the web and see if it would sync. If not, the issue is the phone and I’d then reset the contacts app and clear cache and data on it and see if it will sync. Once it can sync then reimport your exported contacts. But do it slowly. One by one. The reason I suggest this is that what I had happen with a calendar item was that because it had a parameter that didn’t work (a date prior to something in 1969) it was syncing over and over creating hundreds of thousands of entries that I couldn’t see and that I couldn’t successfully sync. If your exported contacts are much over a few hundred kb that’s likely your issue.

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