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A common feedback from a lot of armchair football players recently is about how bad FIFA 21 connection issues are. Online problems is one of the difficult problems to solve in any game mostly because there’s no direct way to know the real reason. 

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you the common causes of FIFA 21 online problems and the things that you can do to address them.

What are the reasons for FIFA 21 online issues?

There are a number of direct and indirect causes for connection problems in gaming. Some of these issues are easily fixable on a player’s level while others, such as server troubles, hardware malfunction, or ISP-related issues can be difficult to resolve. 

Below are some of the common reasons why you may be having an issue playing online on FIFA 21.

Server problems.

New games may sometimes hit a snag with their online component. This can be expected as developers may need real-world feedback and reports after the game is launched. While most of connection problems are fixed, some may take a while to go away. 

If you’re having trouble connecting to FIFA 21 servers, like when you get an error when trying to connect to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it may not be entirely your or your console or PC’s fault. At times, there’s just a server issue that lingers, even after a developer has “fixed” it.

Account glitch.

For some players, connection errors may be tied to their EA account. If you have more than one EA account, try to see if the other one has the same problem. 

If the error only occurs when using a certain account, this means that you have an account glitch at hand.

Local network is slow or intermittent.

If you have slow connection, or if your internet keeps dropping, it’s possible that any of these things may be the cause why you are having issues with FIFA 21. You’ll need a decent internet speed and bandwidth in order to have a stable connection to EA servers.

Wireless signal interference.

If you rely on wifi connection when gaming, it’s also possible that this set up is not working for you. Wireless connection is less reliable compared to a wired setup so in order to lessen the chances of FIFA 21 lag, high ping, or connection problems, try using an ethernet connection from the router to your PC or console.

Random PC or console glitch.

New titles need regular updates and improvements in order to become more stable. As developers receive reports of bugs and fix them, the game becomes reliable. Until then, new games are expected to encounter random glitches so try to be a little patient if you are not able to connect, or if you have a small connection issue.

How to fix FIFA 21 connection problems?

Below are the possible solutions that can help you get rid of online issues on FIFA 21.

Verify game servers are up and running.

First, you want to know if there’s an on-going server issue with EA Sports servers. To do that, visit the official EA website to know the server status of the game. On this page, be sure that you click on the green Server Status button.

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Reboot your PC or console.

If there’s no declared server problems from EA website, the next thing that you want to do is to fully reboot your computer, PS4, or Xbox One. To do that, just turn it off normally, then unplug it from the power source for about 30 seconds. This should be enough time to refresh the system and clear the system cache on the console. 

After 30 seconds, turn it back on and see if the game is now working.

Try another EA account.

Some of the early adapters of FIFA 21 reported encountering FUT errors due to an account glitch, as shared in this post. If you want to check if this is your case, you can try another EA account to see if that will fix your problem.

Troubleshoot your local network.

The other possible reason that you should look into when dealing with connection woes is your own local internet connection. To check, make sure that you do these basic things:

  • Power cycle the router.
  • Run speed test.
  • Check for slow or intermittent connection.

Switch to wired setup.

If you are using wifi, consider switching to a wired connection and see if that will help you play FIFA 21 normally.

Check for low bandwidth situations.

Aside from slow or intermittent internet issues, another thing to consider here is low bandwidth. This can happen too many devices are using your internet at the time when you’re trying to play. Try disconnecting other devices from your router temporarily to see if that will fix your FIFA 21  gaming issues.

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Other advanced solutions to try

Online problems in gaming are complex and often involve a number of factors. If none of the solutions above helps in fixing your issues, these are the other potential fixes that you can try. We’ll not discuss how to do each of these things so feel free to do some research if you are interested on doing any of them on your end.

  • add an exception to your firewall
  • close other programs in the background
  • change your NAT type to Open
  • optimize the console’s MTU
  • check for possible blocked ports
  • use a Static IP address
  • use IPv4 instead of IPv6
  • get improved service from a different Internet Service Provider

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