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How to fix Fitbit Ionic that’s not syncing properly

By Harold | May 3, 2019

While your Fitbit Ionic is a standalone health tracker, you can enjoy it’s full potential if you use it together with your smartphone. There are features that you can actually find very helpful once the tracker is paired and properly connected with a phone. But since the connection between these devices are established via Bluetooth,

Why don’t I see my heart rate on my Fitbit Ionic?

By Harold | January 25, 2019

We have received reports from some users saying that their Fitbit Ionic no longer shows their heart rate. Fitbit devices have pretty simple and straightforward processes and features. The heart rate monitor is one of its selling points so it should work without any problem at all. But since you’re here face-to-face with this problem,

What to do if Silent Alarm isn’t working on your Fitbit Ionic?

By Harold | January 25, 2019

Some of the users of the Fitbit Ionic reported that the silent alarm of their smartwatch is no longer working. Others were puzzled because they couldn’t find any setting on the Fitbit app. It may be a very annoying problem but it’s not really that serious and you can actually fix it easily. In this

How to fix Fitbit Ionic that won’t update its firmware

By Harold | January 11, 2019

Firmware updates are important because they often come with fixes to most pressing issues owners reported as well as patches to some vulnerabilities that were discovered after the release of the device. Your Fitbit Ionic should be able to receive updates every time they’re rolled out but some owners reported that their trackers could not

Fitbit Ionic Screen Awake option no longer works

By Harold | January 11, 2019

Your Fitbit Ionic has a feature that will automatically powers up the display when you raise your wrist. It’s called Screen Awake or Quick View on other Fitbit devices. Mostly, owners found this feature very useful and convenient as a single action would immediately let you see what’s on the screen of your tracker. If

What to do with your Fitbit Ionic if it’s not charging

By Harold | January 11, 2019

Some owners of the Fitbit Ionic have been complaining about their trackers that no longer charges. Others say that their units ran out of battery but they tried connecting to the charger, it won’t respond. There were also those whose trackers still have a few percent of battery so troubleshooting was easier for them. Charging