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Days Gone has finally been officially released for Windows but just like any newly games, many players are now encountering crashing issues. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll explain to you what causes crashes on this game and the solutions that you can try to fix it.

Causes of Days Gone crashes on Steam (or PC)

If Days Gone keeps crashing on your PC, it may be due to one of these causes:

Random Days Gone bug.

Some minor bugs may cause a game to crash randomly. If there seems to be no pattern as far as causes of the crashes is concerned, you may be dealing with coding issues, or unique bugs in your device.

Days Gone game client is not updated.

New games tend to have more glitches and bugs so as an early adapter, all you have to do is to ensure that the game client is updated to lessen the chances of issues. 

Many players have also noticed that the Days Gone seems to enter a black screen after loading, with some being unable to play the game afterwards. The good thing is, this black screen issue appears temporary for most and is easily fixed with an update.

Old graphics card drivers.

Another reason why your Days Gone game is crashing can be your graphics drivers. If you can’t launch the game, getting a black screen, or if Days Gone simply crashes in the middle of gameplay, it can be caused your system struggling to run the game, or having a difficult time resolving an issue due to outdated drivers.  To stop crashing issues, you must ensure that the system has the latest set of drivers.

PC doesn’t support Days Gone.

Ideally, PC players should know the capabilities of their machine before committing to install a new game. If your PC is several years old and not built for gaming, it’s possible that the device is having a hard time running the game, causing Days Gone to crash. 

This may also be the reason if you are experiencing similar issues such as poor performance, low FPS, black screen problem, or if the game fails to launch at all.

Corrupted game data.

Game data may become corrupted due to several reasons. To verify integrity of game files, you can use the Steam repair tool to update the files in case they have been corrupted. Game files are usually fixed if the game is reinstalled so if Steam repair won’t help, you can opt to reinstall Days Gone too.

Conflicts from other programs.

Other apps or programs may cause crashing issues, or prevent you from launching the game. At other times, programs with overlay features may be to blame as they can interfere with Windows or with other apps and cause them to crash, get stuck in a black screen, or randomly close the game.

Days Gone crashing on steam

How to fix Days Gone crashing on Steam?

If Days Gone is crashing, showing a black screen, or if you can’t  launch the game at all, any of the solutions should help:

Fix #1: Restart the PC before you launch the game.

This is the solution that many people would not bother doing because of its simplicity. However, this same simplicity is the main reason why it’s sometimes effective in fixing issues. Computers sometimes need to be rebooted to clear bugs that have developed. 

If you’re getting a black screen (which may mean that Days Gone has silently crashed), or if nothing happens when launching the game, a quick restart of your machine may help.

Fix #2:  Check for the latest game updates.

Keeping the game updated is another simple way to keep bugs away. Once you’ve restarted your machine, be sure to check for updates before launching the game again. 

Fix #3: Install the latest drivers for your graphics.

Keeping your graphics card in top shape is very important. Aside from having the right hardware, it’s just as equally important to maintain the right software to fix Days Gone crashes.

Check out the links below on how to update the driver on your GPU:

Fix #4:  Check if PC supports the game.

Days Gone was originally a PS4 exclusive only but Bend Studio did a good job of porting it to Microsoft Windows platform. As a PC user, you have the responsibility to ensure that your machine meets the minimum system requirements before installing it. Check out this official Steam page for the minimum and recommended specs.

If some of your hardware components do not meet the minimum specifications, make sure to upgrade them before you launch Days Gone again.

Fix #5: Use DirectX 11.

If your machine is running an updated Windows 10 Operating System, it may be using DirectX 12 version instead of the recommended DirectX 11 for this game. Try to see if selecting DirectX 11 for this game helps. Here’s how:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to your Games Library.
  3. Find the game and right-click it, then select Properties.
  4. Under the General Tab, click Set Launch Options and a dialog box will appear.
  5. Type in the dialox box at the end of the target string -force-d3d11 and click OK.
  6. Close the Properties window.
  7. Launch Days Gone.

If you need the latest DirectX version, visit the official Microsoft DirectX website.

Fix #6: Check the integrity of game files.

To check if you have bad game data, you can use the Steam repair tool to verify integrity of game files. This procedure won’t affect your save files so you can do it safely to fix Days Gone.

Fix #7:  Disable overlays.

If you’re running other programs with overlay feature such as MSI Afterburner, or even the Steam client’s overlay, try turning the feature off to see if Days Gone will work normally.

Fix #8: Run Days Gone in Windowed Mode.

Some players claim to have eliminated crashes on Days Gone when it’s run on Windowed Mode. To try, simply press ALT+ENTER when the game is running. 

You can also configure the game using the Steam client to launch in this mode right away with these steps:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to your Games Library.
  3. Find the game and right-click it, then select Properties.
  4. Under the General Tab, click Set Launch Options and a dialog box will appear.
  5. Type in the dialox box at the end of the target string -windowed and click OK.
  6. Close the Properties window.
  7. Launch Days Gone.

Fix #9: Reinstall Days Gone.

If none of the solutions above has helped, try deleting and reinstalling Days Gone. This may help if the main cause of the problem is caused by a glitch that lies deep within the system.


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