How to Customize New Notes on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will walk you through configuring the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Notes app to make your notes work and look the way you wanted. Here’s a quick guide to customize new notes on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Samsung Notes is one of the built-in applications each of the new and updated Samsung Galaxy devices integrates. You can make use of this app to create, view, and edit notes as well as sync notes with other Galaxy devices that support the feature.Samsung also offers various customization options that you can utilize in order to come up with more personalized notes.Depicted below is the actual process of customizing the new Samsung notes style on the newest Galaxy Z Flip smartphone. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

  1. Navigate to the Apps screen and then tap on the Samsung Notes icon.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 1Doing so will open the Samsung Notes app menu.

  2. In the Samsung Notes menu, tap on the three short horizontal lines located on the mid-left side of the (Folders) screen.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 2A side menu will load up with a list of items.

  3. Tap on the gear icon located on the upper-right corner of the side menu.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 3The Samsung Notes settings menu then opens. Here, you will see general and advanced features for Samsung Notes.

  4. Navigate to the General section and then tap Style of new notes.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 4On the succeeding menu, you will see different controls and options that you can use to personalize the Samsung Notes page style, template and color.

  5. Just use the provided controls and interface for you to change the default layout and appearance of Samsung Notes on your Galaxy Z Flip 4 device.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 5Among the available customization features include the page style, page layout, and scroll direction.

  6. To change the default notes style, select your preferred page style, page layout, and scroll direction. You can choose between individual pages and infinite scrolling page for the page style.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 6As for the layout, you can switch between normal and long. For scroll direction, just choose between vertical and horizontal.

  7. To change the default notes template, navigate to the Template tab and then select any from the given templates. You can choose any from Images or PDFs.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 7If you choose to use PDFs, you may have to download the PDF template before you can use it. Just follow the onscreen instructions to download a PDF template when needed.

  8. To change the default notes color, navigate to the Color tab and then tap to select the color that you’d like to use for your new notes.

    customize samsung notes galaxy zflip4 8While the available preset colors are limited, that should be enough to make your every note unique from the others.

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With Samsung Notes, you can create quick notes by entering text from the keyboard or handwriting and drawing on the screen.

Samsung Notes allow you to create notes that contain texts, images with footnotes, voice recordings and music files. 

It is highly recommended to keep your Samsung device software updated to ensure that all new and enhanced system features are implemented, including dedicated patches for the Samsung Notes app. 

And that’s all about customizing the Samsung Notes on the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone.

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