T-Mobile – Sprint Merger Is Now Official; CEO Legere Steps Down

  • As per a post on T-Mobile’s site, its merger with Sprint is now complete.
  • This will bring an expansion of spectrum as well as faster 5G speeds over the next few years.
  • T-Mobile has also promised to retain the same or offer cheaper pricing for up to at least three years.

T-Mobile today announced in a blog post that its merger with Sprint has completed. As planned already, the CEO transition takes place now with John Legere handing over the reins to Mike Sievert. Over the past couple of years, there were several rumors about the potential merger between the two companies, while the confirmation and regulatory approval took quite a while. But today formally marks the day when Sprint is no longer its own company, even though the deal was pretty much completed a few months ago.

Some critics have said that this merger could hurt competition and provide less choice to the consumers. But on the other hand, one can also argue that since either of the two carriers cannot directly compete with the top carriers in the country (Verizon and AT&T), the merger was a logical step.

T-Mobile has specified plans for the future after this merger, including the expansion of the spectrum. Here are some of the crucial points listed out in the company’s blog post:

  • 14 times more capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile alone has today.
  • 5G speeds up to eight times faster than current LTE in “a few years” and 15 times faster over the next six years.
  • Within six years, the New T-Mobile will provide 5G to 99% of the U.S. population and average 5G speeds in excess of 100 Mbps to 90% of the U.S. population.

The New T-Mobile will apparently continue to offer popular services while also keeping the pricing competitive. The carrier added that it will offer “the same or better rate plans for three years”. It’s worth mentioning that T-Mobile recently offered 2GB of additional data for just $15 for its customers, although it came with a few caveats.

Source: T-Mobile

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