5 Best Screen Protectors For LG G6

Hopefully, you are finding us before something happened to your brand new LG G6’s screen.  It’s always a pain in the neck to get a cell phone screen repaired when it is so easy to prevent the damage from happening in the first place.  Thankfully, we’ve done some research and come away with the best LG G6 screen protector.

Why do you need a screen protector when you already have an otterbox case around your phone?  Because most cell phone cases are designed to prevent damage caused by drops and falls. Most cases protect the back, corner, and sides of your cell phone, but most don’t actually cover the screen.  There may be a lip around the front of your phone preventing the glass screen from making contact with a flat surface, but not all surfaces are flat. Stairways, parking lots, and many work spaces don’t always have smooth, even floors that will protect your screen.  A glass screen protector will prevent most everyday damage your screen could experience.

Without further ado – the top 5 best screen protectors for the LG G6

Best Screen Protectors For LG G6


1. SuperShieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Made with the highest quality glass, the SuperShieldz screen protector brings leading edge technology to the palm of your hand.  SuperShieldz is one of the leading names in mobile screen protectors and their 2.5D rounded edges make them one of the most comfortable fits in the industry.

With a 9H hardness rating, pens, knives, and razor blades have a difficult time scratching the screen protector and SuperShieldz is so sure of the quality of their protectors they offer a no-hassle lifetime replacement guarantee.  Unlike some of their competitors, SuperShieldz even offers their LG G6 screen protector in a 3-pack to give you some of the best value for your dollar. No reason not to make sure your closest loved ones can experience an LG G6 as well!

2. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Sometimes it is a superior quality product that causes us to rate items higher than others, and sometimes it is just minute quality of life adjustments that justify our rankings.  With the Spigen tempered glass screen protector, it is a little bit of both. While most screen protectors have you holding on to the edges and trying to maneuver the glass into the perfect spot without your fingers getting in the way, the Spigen protector comes with handy installation wings to make it the easiest install we’ve seen.

Spigen isn’t all aesthetic though, as their tempered glass has some of the highest transparency ratings, ensuring that your LG G6 screen still comes through as bright and clear as if you weren’t using protection at all.

3. Otterrbox Alpha Glass Series Screen Protector

One of the biggest names is also one of the biggest names in screen protectors when it comes to your LG G6.  With some of the best glass conceivable, the OtterBox gives you not only a scratch-resistant surface, but also a shatter proof one.  You would have to be making a concerted effort to spiderweb this screen protector and even then your chore would be a difficult one.

Installation can be a little more difficult on this model than some of the others we have discussed, but overall with a little patience you will have a bubble free screen that is more resistant to the everyday wear and tear you put your phone through than anything else you will find in the marketplace.

4. Bodyguardz Pure 2 Glass Screen Protector

Constructed from ion fortified tempered glass, the BodyGuardz Pure 2 gives you the thinnest and strongest tempered glass you could ever find and it does so without making any noticeable impact on your screen brightness, clarity, or touch responsiveness.

An oleophobic coating on the tempered glass makes your screen sweat, water, and fingerprint resistant helping you keep the cleanest mobile device you have ever had – all while protecting you from falls, chips, cracks, or scratches.  From a scientific and structural standpoint, there is no screen protector better than the BodyGuardz Pure 2.

5. iCarez Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Designed with you in mind, the iCarez tempered glass screen protector is carefully engineered to bring some of the highest quality screen protection available so that neither your screen, nor your wallet, will break.  The cutouts along the top ensure that your buttons and sensors won’t be interfered with by your screen protector.

Manufactured with a dry installation in mind (wet applications can often leave those unsightly bubbles that mess with your touch screen responsiveness), the iCarez screen protector goes on easy and comes off easy with no mess and no sticky residue.

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Best Screen Protectors For LG G6 Verdict

Certainly any protection is better than none, but if you want the very best LG G6 screen protector available on the market for your mobile device, we would certainly go with the BodyGuardz Pure 2.  In addition to having the thinnest glass with the best touch screen performance, the most water and oil resistant for long term use, they also offer a guarantee with lifetime replacements if you ever do manage to scratch, crack, or break your screen protector and that’s a guarantee you won’t find every day.