5 Best Max And Ruby Games On Android

Max and Ruby, those two energetic bunnies who are constantly bickering and trying to resolve the latest issue to arrive at their furry feet, have become a favorite of young tykes who are just learning about the world around them.  Max’s clever one word answers to questions that the older Ruby still hasn’t discovered yet help little kids to feel like they can still have importance and a say in the world around them. So it is not surprising that your child may want to interact with these little hares more often than just on their tv sets.  Max and Ruby games give your child an opportunity to be a part of the rabbit action as they help their fluffy heroes resolve issues and win accolades. So here are the top Max and Ruby games on Android devices.

Max and Ruby: Bunny Hop

Your child can choose from 18 of their favorite Max and Ruby characters to play in this easy to play skeeball simulator.  This game is enjoyable as you merely flick your finger to try to place the skeeball in the hole you desire. There are 10 different Max and Ruby themed skeeball machines to choose from and an unlimited number of levels to compete against others on.

Download it now: Google Play

Max and Ruby: Max’s Mole Mash

Grandma’s yard is full of holes and someone is going to break a leg soon.  It is Max’s and your child’s job to help clear Grandma’s yard of these unhelpful critters.  Max basically presents a version of one of the great games of all time, Whack-A-Mole. Children are encouraged to learn colors as they play this simple to learn and easy to play game.  Kids enjoy the hunt as they wait eagerly for the next mole to show it’s head. There are Arcade and Puzzle modes available for this game.

Download it now: Google Play

Max and Ruby: Bunny Bake Off

This is a great app for kids with lots of fun to be had, but be ready to get your hands dirty as well as your kitchen.  Max and Ruby share with your children their favorite recipes. Ruby shares perfect and delectable delights with beautiful cakes, scrumptious lemonades and more.  Grandma has wonderful traditional family recipes to share that the entire family will want to keep making for years to come. Max has his own recipes to share as well.  But be warned that his recipes are, well, truly Maxish. They are messy, surprising, and don’t always have the most common ingredients. All of these recipes are super fun for kids and great ways for them to learn to love to cook.  This app also comes with coloring pages to download and use as well as other education activities. A great way to learn some beginning math skills as well as the joy and pride that comes with creating something for the whole family.

Download it now: Google Play

Max and Ruby: Toy Chest

Your child can dig into Max’s toy box and see what they can come up with to play with.  Max has plenty of fun things to create with and see where it leads. There are blocks for building and smashing.  Dress up toys that may come from Ruby’s closet, but as you dress them up, they may begin to act differently. There is a wind up frog for chasing flies to a musical reward.  And of course, the great chance to create works of art and color to display on your phone with pride. Your child can have hours of fun in Max’s toy box.

Download it now: Google Play

Max and Ruby: Carnival Fair

Max and Ruby invite your child to the carnival and 4 fun mini games that allow them to earn tickets to unlock toys and other prizes that are connected to the tv show.  Aliens are the first game up. The Aliens are invading and it is up to your child to catch them all before the time has run out and they take over the world. Next is a pumpkin smashing game.  Smash to your hearts delight, but beware of the spiders watching over their precious patch. After you have had your fill of gourds, a card shark is up. Can you match all the cards on the table before the time runs out?  And if you can, he challenges you to one more duel of wits, the famous cup and ball trick. Can your child keep their eye on that ball? With unlimited game play, your child will have hours of fun.

Download it now: Google Play


Each of these Max and Ruby games will run you approximately $2.99 to buy.  But your child will be happy to see their cottontail buddies raring for action and enjoy participating in the success of Max and Ruby both.

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