7 Best Pop-up and AdBlocker Apps for Android in 2024

Adblocking is not often encouraged by sites as it can put a damper on the revenues they generate, but the best Pop-up and AdBlocker Apps for Android makes it easy. However, when we talk about the user experience, ads can be pretty annoying. Pop ups in particular are pretty annoying, especially when it shows up during a video or when you’re reading an article. There are ways to combat this, of course, despite ad companies’ tough efforts to curb them. Sites, on the other hand, are also offering “lite” ads on their pages, which is not as intrusive and definitely worth allowing, given that your experience isn’t tinkered with.

Previously, most of these adblocking apps required root access, but all those restrictions have now been lifted with developers launching multiple ads and pop ups blocking apps on the Play Store.

We’re going to talk about some of these apps today in the hope that you find the best one for yourself. Remember that some adblockers have a white list, which basically allows some form of ads. But not all apps are the same, with some offering a complete black list of all ads, regardless of which site it’s coming from.

Best Pop-up and AdBlocker Apps for Android

best ad blocker app for android

1) CM Browser

A standalone browser for adblocking, CM Browser offers a comprehensive experience in terms of ads and pop ups blocking. In addition to offering adblocking by default, the app also offers a super fast browsing experience. Since the ads are hidden by default, the page load times are significantly faster as well, making for an overall smoother experience. The browser also offers page translation by default, powered by Google Translate. This is a feature that not all browsers offer, and to have this on a browser like this is truly a bonus. This means you can easily make this your default browser and enjoy an ad-free experience every time you browse.

If you’re a bit of a privacy freak, you can be assured of keeping your browsing history safe from prying eyes thanks to the built-in data cleanup feature. This ensures that the sites you visit aren’t shared with third parties. All of this combined by the fact that this app doesn’t take much space or memory makes this one of my favorite browser. The app is a free download, of course, so feel free to download it from the Play Store.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

2) Adblock Fast

This app has been in the news for quite some time. The app was removed from the Play Store for a while, but has since made a comeback. This isn’t a browser, but a service that blocks ads on your browser. This only works for Samsung Internet, however, which means this particular app won’t work for anyone who doesn’t own a Samsung smartphone or tablet. This is basically like a default adblocking extension for Samsung’s stock browser. You will block most ads, and thus enhance your browsing as well. With no ads on your path, the web pages will load significantly faster and offer a more streamlined experience for the customers.

If you’re not well versed with the functioning of adblockers, you simply have to follow the onscreen instructions to understand how it works. This is an open source project, so developers can use their skills to modify it as they please. Since the app is coming from the community, you can expect there to be some consumer driven features on board here. The app requires Samsung smartphones running Android 5.0 and up, so most of the older Samsung phones won’t be covered unfortunately. It’s a free app and there are no in-app purchases either, making this a very good app overall.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

3) Free Adblocker Browser

Just as the name suggests, this is an adblock browser much like the one we talked about. The stress on the “free” part is to specify that it comes with a “pro” version too, which will require you to make a couple of in-app purchases. This browser blocks pretty much everything that you would want to be blocked, including pop-ups as well as auto loading ad videos on some web pages. Keeping this in mind, this might the browser to get for most users. It is important to note that adblocking software is not a 100%, so there might be instances when some ads are still displayed on the app.

This is what some of the user reviews of the app show as well. However, you can expect the ads to be blocked 90% of the time, and if some ads do get through, it’s mostly because the sites have found a way around adblockers. In any case, make sure you give Free Adblock Browser a try as it could be just the browser you want. You can download it for free as we mentioned, but might require to make some in-app purchases to support the developers.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

4) Adblock Browser

One of the most popular Adblocking browsers available in the market today, Adblock browser is a highly functional adblocker that can block out almost everything. Sure, some clever sites manage to find their way around this, but I personally find Adblock Browser to be the best experience, be it for reading news articles, or watching videos online, the browser completely blocks out any kind of ads. There are over 400 million users for their services, so you know you’re getting the best here. The developers are constantly updating the app as well, giving you access to some new features periodically.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

5) Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

Coming from the same developers that brought us Adblock Browser, Adblock Plus Samsung Internet is an offering similar to Adblock Fast. You can’t have just one app for adblocking, which is why we’re talking about a second adblocking application meant specifically for Samsung Internet. It offers full coverage against ads on Samsung Internet, and the users only have to follow a few simple steps.

The default setting on this app is to block annoying ads on a page while keeping some of the non-intrusive apps present by default. These ads don’t come in the way of your usage, and can easily be removed from the settings. This is basically a win-win for the advertisers and the customers as they’re allowing ads, but at the same time making sure that the consumer’s experience isn’t tampered with. This best Ad blocker app for android is free, and naturally, doesn’t contain any ads. This particular adblocker for Samsung Internet is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and up.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

6) Brave Browser

Lead by the former CEO at Mozilla, as well as some developers off of the Opera team, the Brave Browser will provide you with some awesome capabilities. The Brave Browser actually has a unique system in place. Brave is designed with a built-in adblocker to provide an ad-free and seamless browsing experience. That makes your web pages load faster, and without external plugins.

Brave Browser is also extremely secure. The browser is one of the leaders in privacy and security features, offering something that they call HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), which forced an encrypted and secure protection on every web page. On top of that, they offer things like script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking, and private incognito tabs.

You should see better battery life as well, as Brave has a 2-4 times speed increase, reducing data consumption. Brave is free to download and use as well.

Download it now: here

best ad blocker app for android

7) Adblock Browser

Adblock is a popular desktop browser extension for blocking ads on most desktop browsers; however, now Adblock has come to Android to offer ad blocking on the mobile platform as well. The downside is that this isn’t an app that blocks ads at the system level — this is actually a browser with ad-blocking technology built-in.

Not only will this application block regular, everyday ads, but it’ll also block pop-ups, banner ads, annoying full-page ads, and video ads.

With the best Ad blocker app for android, you’ll have an ad free web experience, putting you more in touch with the content that really matters to you. Not only that, but you’ll save battery since you won’t have intensive advertisements draining your battery dry. The browser helps you stay safe online as well, preventing advertisers from tracking your behavior.

Download it now: here

Verdict on the best Ad blocker app for android

As you can see, there’s a lot of excellent ways to block ads on Android. Unfortunately, because of system restrictions, you can’t download an ad-blocker app on your phone. You can, however, download a browser with ad-blocking built-in. The “con” is that you’ll have to use a browser that you potentially don’t like, but the upside is an ad-free browsing experience, better battery life, and privacy protections while online.

What’s your favorite ad blocker for Android?


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