9 Best Phone Plans for International Travel in 2021

If there’s one thing that can ruin any overseas vacation, it’s international roaming fees. It doesn’t take much more than a few calls to friends and family and perhaps a couple of online searches before your phone bill grows a few extra digits. That is, of course, unless you have one of our top nine best phone plans for international travel in 2020.

MobalEurope Plus SIM by Mobal. 1GB of Fast 4G Data IncludedCheck Price on Amazon

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Europe Plus SIM

International SIM cards are a hassle-free solution for how you can stay connected during your international travels. With an international SIM card, you can keep your existing plan and just swap out your current SIM card for a new one for the duration of your travel.

The one we like the most is the new Europe Plus SIM from Mobal. For just a low fee, you can enjoy excellent coverage in over 100 countries with unlimited incoming calls and texts. 1 GB of fast 4G internet access is included for free, and you can purchase more data for an additional fee per each gigabyte of data you use. Calls to the USA and Canada cost 30c per minute, and you can visit the official website of the Europe Plus SIM for a full list of call rates.

After you order your Europe Plus SIM, you receive a SIM package with activation instructions and a universally-compatible SIM card that works with any unlocked phone. To start using the SIM card, just follow the simple instructions. If you’d like to use the SIM card for more than one month, you can extend the service on a month-by-month basis at an extra fee a month.

Orange Holiday SIM

The Orange Holiday SIM is a great way to travel internationally, as well. If you don’t want to break the bank on roaming charges with your carrier at home, Orange offers cheap 4G LTE data in over thirty EU countries.  That said, if you’re planning on going to a popular European destination, the Orange Holiday SIM is a must have.

The Holiday SIM gives you a whole 10GB of data to use while you’re in Europe. There is also an included two hours of talk time, and then another 1,000 SMS messages. When you’re running low, Orange will let you refill your data as needed. Since this SIM card was designed for travelers, it’s only going to last you for 14 days, but if you decide to stay longer, you can go into your account and extend that.

UK Europe ThreeUK SIM Card

The Orange Holiday SIM is one of the best that you can pick up today; however, ThreeUK’s UK-Europe SIM card is a close runner up, offering you a similar, but possibly more valuable package. ThreeUK actually gives you a whopping  12GB of data, 3000 minutes in talk time, and 3000 messages for your time in Europe.

The one “con” to this card is that you can only use this with a smartphone, as it won’t work with other devices. They will not allow you to stream video either, nor will you be able to use the data with a mobile hotspot or tethering feature.

Internet with legs Trio

ThreeUK offers another pretty cool international SIM card — the Internet With Legs Trio. This one is actually designed to be a data-only SIM, which means you aren’t going to get any talk or text abilities, unfortunately. You’ll have to rely on the data side for most communication, such as through platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Data still sits at 4G LTE speeds, so apps always respond and run quickly.

We should note that this card only works with unlocked GSM phones — CDMA phones simply don’t have the radios to support it. It comes with just 3GB of data to use while in Europe, but can be topped off with more data whenever needed.

Keepgo Global Lifetime SIM Card

Keepgo’s Global Lifetime SIM card is another neat one, bringing you 4G LTE speeds while in Europe. This card is actually somewhat unique. With the purchase of the card, you get 1GB of data to use. Once you use that data up, Keepgo charges you per 1GB used, and at an extra fee per 1GB. It’s a reasonably cheap way to use data internationally, especially if you don’t need much. However, if you plan on using it quite a bit on the go, you’ll likely use a lot, as you’ll have to rely on your data for communication more since it doesn’t support actual phone calls or text.

T-Mobile International Roaming

If you don’t mind paying the subscription fee per month for the T-Mobile One plan, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better international roaming plan. Included with the plan are unlimited texting and 2G data in more than 140 countries, as well as the ability to make phone calls for a fixed rate per minute.

Because there’s not much one can do these days with 2G internet speeds, T-Mobile gives customers the option to upgrade to 3G at an extra fee per month for the T-Mobile One Plus plan.

The offer is even more enticing if you travel to Mexico and Canada, where you get unlimited talk and text as well as access to your monthly 4G LTE data allotment.

Verizon International Roaming

With Verizon, you can pay a fee per day (different pricing in Mexico and Canada) to use your phone outside of the country, or you can save some money when traveling for a longer time by going with the monthly international travel pricing, with different rates across the region.

With the daily pricing, Verizon bases talk text and data on your domestic plan’s allowance. The cheapest monthly plan has 100 MB data allowance, but no free phone call minutes or texts. One minute of talk costs a flat fee, and Verizon charges for an outbound and inbound text.

Due to how steep the talk and text prices are, we recommend the more expensive monthly plan instead. With it, you get 100 free minutes of talk and 100 free outbound messages, with inbound messages being completely free.

AT&T International Roaming

AT&T’s basic roaming plan, AT&T Passport, costs a fair amount for a one-time charge that lasts 30 days. The fee includes unlimited text and Wi-Fi access in over 200 countries as well as 200 MB of mobile data.

The problem with AT&T’s mobile data is that they charge for every megabyte above the rather cramped limit. When you consider than a single minute of a low-definition YouTube video consumes 1 MB, and with websites itching their way towards two-digit sizes, AT&T Passport isn’t the right international roaming plan for someone who needs to be connected around the clock.

It’s, however, an excellent plan for existing AT&T customers who occasionally travel abroad and don’t want to switch carriers or buy an additional SIM card. With the basic plan, you’ll pay per minute to any country, but the price drops per minute with the AT&T Passport Gold plan.

Google’s Project Fi Prepaid International Roaming

If you own a Nexus or Pixel device — or another Fi-supported handset — you can sign up for Project Fi, a mobile virtual network operator by Google that provides an attractive prepaid monthly plan. The plan, Fi Basics, includes unlimited domestic and international texts as well as unlimited domestic calls. Calls usually cost a fee per minute, and you can check the international rates page for more information.

Google charges the same amount per GB for high-speed data in over 135+ countries and destinations around the world as they do for domestic data. For more information about Project Fi’s international rates, visit this page.

For owners of a supported smartphone who heavily rely on mobile data, Project Fi seems like a complete no-brainer.

MobalEurope Plus SIM by Mobal. 1GB of Fast 4G Data IncludedCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.


As you can see, you have a ton of different options for international travel. A variety of carriers, as we’ve shown you, have different plans for roaming and traveling internationally. However, if you’re looking for the best value for money, you’ll definitely want to check out the variety of SIM cards for international travel we showed you near the top of our list. Those will save you the most cash!

What’s your favorite method for traveling internationally? Let us know int he comments section below.