Best Buy Offering Samsung Duo Wireless Charger at Half Price for Pre-Registrations of the Galaxy Note 10

If you’ve read tech news lately, you’d know that Samsung is prepping the big release of the Galaxy Note 10 on the 7th of August. While the company announced the Galaxy Tab S6 earlier today, there’s some news coming from retailer Best Buy which will carry the Galaxy Note 10 at launch. The retailer has announced that those who pre-register for the Galaxy Note 10 on their site will receive the Samsung Duo wireless charger for half-off, among other things.

This will be done through a coupon sent to you by Best Buy, which will effectively knock off 50% on the selling price. This discount will be applicable only if you complete the pre-order of the Galaxy Note 10, which is expected go live at Best Buy on August 7. The retailer will also announce other promotional offers along with trade-in offers for older devices after Samsung unveils the handset. It’s unclear if Best Buy will carry all three expected variants of the Galaxy Note 10 including the Galaxy Note 10+, and the Galaxy Note 10 5G.

With just over a week left for the release of the flagship, Samsung will hope to make all sales channels available. With a big release like this, the last thing Samsung would want is a supply chain concern. You can pre-register for the Galaxy Note 10 from the Best Buy link below.

Will you be pre-registering or pre-ordering the new Samsung flagship? Let us know.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Phone Arena

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