How To Add Or Remove Credit Card From Your PS4 | NEW in 2024!

Credit cards have become the most convenient option in making payments for purchases online. As most PS4 users tend to use this type of payment method for smoother transactions and less hassle for both parties. On your gaming console, you can add and remove credit cards by heading to the Settings section on PS4. If you have not tried it yet, we will provide a guide for these steps in this article.

How to add credit card on the PS4

How to Remove a Credit Card on PS4

If, for some reason, you need to remove your credit card on PS4, follow these steps on how to do it:

  1. Go to the PS4 Home Screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Account Management.
  4. Select Sign In and enter your PSN ID and password to login.
  5. Select Account Information.
  6. Select Wallet.
  7. Select Payment Methods.
  8. Select the credit card you want to make the changes.
  9. Select Delete to remove the card on PS4 completely. Take note that you can also edit the card details or set the card as default payment in this section.

These steps should be able to help you on how to add and remove a credit card on your PS4.

IMPORTANT: If you added a payment method to your PlayStation Network account, make sure that you don’t share your password to anyone (even with your children) or let someone use your account and sign in as you. Keep in mind that you are responsible for anything that happens with your account. If you are sharing your PS4 with someone, be sure to always sign your account out after using the system.

We suggest that you tighten the security of your Playstation account by activating the 2-Step Verification as you place important card information in your console.

How to make your PSN account secure

The following are some of the things that you can do to make your PSN account as secure as possible:

  1. Make your PSN account password strong.
  2. Set up ‘Require Password at Checkout (Settings>Account Management>Payment Management).
  3. Set ‘Require passcode at log-in.
  4. Do not share your account details.
  5. Don’t sign in on shared devices.
  6. Never go to scam websites.

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