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If you are someone who just recently got hooked in the phenomenal video game Fortnite in your Nintendo Switch, then this article is for you. In this post, we will provide a guide for new players on how to add Friends in Fortnite using your Nintendo Switch console. As the free to play battle royale game has a cross-play feature, you can invite your friends and family to play with you using their respective Epic Games account no matter what platform they are on. 

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite developed by Epic Games allows up to 100 players to battle against each other and the last one who remains at the end will win the game. As the game can be played in four different modes, you have the option to play solo against other players, in a duo, trio or a squad. The duo allows you to be paired with another player while the squad mode gives you the freedom to invite a maximum of three friends who own an Epic Games account to join your team.

How to Add Friends in Fortnite?

In order to add friends from any platforms, you must create an Epic Games account first for this to be possible. Your friends whom you wish to add must have an active Epic Games account as well. Once you have confirmed that they have an account, you can begin to add friends by following the steps provided below. 

  1. Access the Fortnite application on your Nintendo Switch.kpeP2KOiZijLfp LtQY9pBfvf Dgql4s7fzwwgoSvKt03WaYEV7HxUORBtNS8py14m5Kbsp2bZMgAJTVGVcWtopfd9ZM9nlm CZkI5gmEJ7 wTE2 53JNpKXyCAuvFoo1ctTHlno
  2. On the Fortnite main screen, tap the Add a friend icon located at the top left of the screen. The icon looks like a group of people with a + symbol. This is also the section where you can confirm friend requests, invite friends to join the game with you and show who are offline from your friends list.
  3. Select Add friends icon from the Social section. TZOmzdTjf8OXQCXNoMRfU5QOCY1KQVtylBejbA7DxoBCzX 
  4. Enter your friend’s Epic username or the email address associated with their Epic Games account on the search field. Ensure to enter the correct information to send the request to the right person you intend to add. Fortnite in Switch doesn’t have the option to cancel a friend request once you have selected the Add friend button.
  5. Once the search results are reflected on the side of the screen, select the profile or tap the + symbol after the username you wish to add. 
  6. Select Add Friend icon. 

Repeat these steps to add more friends in Fortnite or your Epic Games account. Once your friend confirms the request, you can then play with them in Fortnite Battle Royale using the different modes available for the game. Take note that regardless of what platform you are using, the steps to add friends are all the same. 

How to Accept a Friend Request in Fortnite 

If your friends have already sent the request to your account, you can accept these requests in Fortnite with these steps:

  1. From the game’s main screen, click the Menu icon located at the top right of your screen or tap the + symbol found near your avatar if you are in a duo, trio or squad mode.zulX8SAmzgtPd1kI7SYnUtB1ifKW9FPKjd9A0M7CL30DTJOiTmrvSAHRNSa X9p1uEACi3bSZQgQ2OneDEUBfbSxvS7l1ub70xY3f8g5j6UMvkLJv DXsYZe54krVasb4B42heGg
  2. Select the Add Friends icon.
  3. Select Friend Invites to show all the requests you have received and accept the request. You can then invite them to join you in playing the multiplayer modes.


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