How to Activate Auto-Restart on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This post will help you activate auto-restart on Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Read on to learn how to access the Note 20 settings where you can toggle the switch to enable and manage this advanced power feature.

Regular System Reboot

Preserving the internal memory, refreshing the operating system and preventing firmware crashes, are just a few of the several  advantages of the once a week restart on your smartphone. 

Restarting the phone may sound very effortless but for some reason, many still failed to do so. Thankfully, modern smartphones are already packed with more advanced features including automatic reboot or auto-restart. All it needs is a toggle on the switch for this feature to be activated. Android devices that support auto-restart feature are typically those that already receive UI updates and Samsung recently rolled out Galaxy Note 20 smartphone has it too.

Here’s how to activate the auto-restart feature on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Easy Steps to Activate Auto-Restart on the Galaxy Note 20

If you’d like to disable the auto-restart feature, just repeat the same steps to get back to the device care settings, access the advanced menu then turn the auto-restart switch OFF again.

Restart to Fix Random Bugs

A restart on the phone not only improves the device’s performance but also resolves minor software errors inflicted by random app glitches. Background apps that have gone rogue are likewise ended and refreshed in the process.

Hope this helps!

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Hope this helps!

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