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Do you love the outdoors? Do you wish you knew more about trees, plants, and general shrubbery? Well, with modern technology, you can! With the help of one of the best free plant identification apps available for your smartphone, you can quickly and easily pull up information based on a plant that you saw outside. Many of these will allow you to take a photo of the plant or shrubbery, which then runs it through their database, pulls up the closest match and/or identify the plant

Within seconds, you can have all sorts of information on the plant or shrubbery that you’re looking at or at least the closest plant to it. It’s a handy application to have on your android and iOS smartphone, especially when outdoors, out of town camping, and more.

Not sure what the best plant identification apps are for Android? Follow along below, and we will show you a few of our favorites. Let’s dive right in.

Best Free Plant Identification App 2020

In order for you to know your plants and how to handle them, you need to identify them, and determine their types. Hence, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of a plant identification app. You can use these apps to identify variety of species. Check the list below.


Agrobase is one of the best free plant identification app that you can use for identifying shrubbery. Agrobase is equipped with a variety of different features that will help you identify and find the name of the plants and shrubbery around you. This plant identification app takes things a step further, though — they also let you identify insects, pests and even look for fertilizer or insecticides unique to your country. Agrobase regularly updates its catalog and database as well, so everything stays very up to date.

With how extensive Agrobase’s database is, this app might be m0re helpful for folks who work in the industry, such as farmers who want to determine what went wrong with their crops. Agrobase lets the user snap a simple image of the plant ( take a picture of the plant ), and then can immediately identify the culprit, followed by guidelines on what the next steps are.

On top of its massive database, Agrobase’s success is somewhat due to the community around it. If you find that some of the descriptions or the results are wrong or inaccurate, there’s a report button on the app to let the developers know. So, with community help, there is always more data being added to Agrobase, and it stays accurate through community input.

Download it now: Google Play


PlantNet is another fan-favorite that allows you to quickly and easily use your smartphone to identify plants and shrubbery. With a simple photograph of the plant or shrub that you want to identify, PlantNet can take that and give you a biography of the plant almost instantly. And if they can’t get an exact match, they’ll pull something up pretty close so that you can at least get highlights of the plant family.

Just like Agrobase, this plan identification app isn’t perfect, so sometimes you’ll get back a plant bio that doesn’t make any sense, but for the most part, it works well. You can always report inaccuracies in identifying plants to the developers, who will then correct them.

The more information you’re able to provide about the plant or shrub you want to identify , the more accurate the identification is going to be. As you likely already know, there are tons of plants that look alike from and even close up, and it is sometimes the small details and variances that distinguish two species of the same genus.

That said, PlantNet can identify overt twenty thousand different species, with more being added regularly. PlantNet estimates that there are over 360,000 different species on Earth, so while twenty thousand is a low number, it’s at least going to show you many of the most common choices that you will come across today.

And thanks to community input, additional species are being added regularly.

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PlantSnap comes up next and is similar in a lot of ways to PlantNet. Using this app, with the power of your camera, you can use PlantSnap to instantly identify plants of all kinds, anywhere in the world! Flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, and more can be quickly retrieved with just your camera. You can identify plants exceptionally quickly. Definitely, one of the best plant identification apps you must try.

There are over 625, 000 species like plants, trees, and mushrooms that are currently in the PlantSnap database. So, right after you take your photography, PlantSnap starts trying to match it up with one of those hundreds of thousands of plants. You have a pretty good chance of finding what you’re looking for, but more plants are being added every day for even better accuracy.

For the most part, PlantSnap is all free to use — the only thing that they’ll need from you is email registration. Once you register with your email, you’ll be able to start identifying plants right away.

Download it now: Google Play


FlowerChecker+ is another one of our favorite choices, allowing you to get in-depth information on plants, shrubbery, insets, and more from an extensive network of experts with decades of experience in the field. This one is significantly different than the other agricultural apps we’ve shown you so far, because FlowerChecker+ uses a paid model, whereas other options are free.

This means you will have to shell out your money for each identification. Unfortunately, that means that this can add up quite significantly, at least if you’re planning on using it every day. FlowerChecker+ does make sure that the identification is worth it as well, since the information is coming directly from human sources, and not a computer or artificial intelligence.

FlowerChecker+ comes with the ability to detect standard plants and even mosses, lichen, and fungi, thus covering pretty much every plant you might see around you. The one con that you’re going to come across is that FlowerChecker+ isn’t instantaneous. It can take a couple of minutes to an hour to get an identification back. But, once again, that’s because the information is coming from human sources, and not an AI.

Download it now: Google Play


Plantix is another plant identification app that you can’t go wrong with, actually winning an Editor’s Choice award on Google Play. That said, take a photograph, and Plantix can quickly diagnose the problem with your plant or crop, and promptly recommend a solution regardless of the plant you’re growing. So whether you’re a farmer or a hobby gardener, Plantix is a must have in your digital toolbox.

One of the advantages of Plantix is that it has a vast network of users who can share experiences and gain invaluable tips on how to take care of your plants and crops. Like many of the other choices on our countdown so far, you take a picture of your plant, let the app run it through its database, and detect the pattern to diagnose the issue. Since each pattern is pre-recorded, identifying it becomes incredibly straightforward and fast.

The Plantix app uses internet connection to work as intended. That said, it might not do well in extremely remote areas, but it all depends on what your cell reception looks like. Besides, Plantix offers unique tips and help for 15 most used crops around the world, so you get a quick resolution to your farming woes.

One thing that we like about Plantix is that it is free to download and use. FlowerChecker+ is definitely worth the price, but it ultimately doesn’t get much better than free!

Download it now: Google Play


Coming up last on our countdown, but certainly not least, we’re looking at PictureThis. We like this one because of the beautiful and easy-to-navigate user interface. It can detect a wide range of flowers and plants, as well. And like many of the best plant identification apps , PictureThis is relatively easy to use — just like many plant identifications app we’ve discussed, you have to take a picture, and it works to match it up with a plant in the database.

Plants and flowers here are recognized within a second. After you take your photograph, PictureThis runs the photograph through its internal algorithm and tries to match it up to the closest database entry.

There’s a social aspect here as well, which allows you to share images of plants with other members of the PictureThis community. You will have your collection when you’ve identified a bunch of plants and trees. PictureThis is an app that is free to use, but there are in-app purchases that you can take advantage of as well.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are tons of great applications that you can use to help identify plants flowers , shrubbery, and even insects and animals. Our favorite is easily Agrobase, but you can’t go wrong with PlantSnap either, if not only because of the sheer amount of plants, trees, and shrubbery in their database. That gives you even more chances as far as matching plants go.

Do you have a favorite plant identification app that you use? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll surely leave a reply for you. Or you may see your suggestion added to our list in the future.

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