5 Best Minneapolis Parking App For Android

So you’re headed off to Minneapolis, and while an excellent city for vacationing or for on business, the parking is atrocious. Finding a parking space on a street or within a parking garage is an insane task, and not one easily accomplished if you’re aimlessly looking around for a space. That’s why you need to make sure you have a Minneapolis Parking App For Android before you go — to make finding parking easier.

Luckily, there’s a way to save yourself a lot of that time, and that’s through an NYC parking app for Android. You’ll be able to find and locate open parking spots all around New York City streets and even in parking garages. Many of them will even help you find free spots, but also allow you to reserve your spot and pay for your meter if you cannot, all straight from your phone!

Not sure what NYC parking app is the best? Follow along below, and we’ll show you some of our top favorites!

Best Minneapolis Parking App For Android

minneapolis parking app

1. MPLS Parking

The City of Minneapolis partnered up with Parkmobile to make finding parking in Minneapolis a whole lot easier. Enter, MPLS Parking, the app designed for specifically finding open parking garages or spaces within Minneapolis. You can search all around the city for an open space to park, and once you do, you can reserve your spot by registering your car and its license plate. The transaction only takes you seconds, allowing you to pay and reserve almost immediately. Driving a different car than what you registered? MPLS Parking allows you to quick change your make, model, and license plate with a tap of a button. You can even get notifications sent to your phone for 15 minutes before your parking duration expires!

MPLS Parking is a great way to keep track of expenses as well. If you need to hold onto receipts for the office or for tax time, MPLS Parking stores all of your parking expenses within the app, where it will always be accessible.

Download it now: Google Play

minneapolis parking app

2. ParkWhiz

And next up on our list is another awesome parking application called ParkWhiz. This is similar to MPLS Parking, though we think the app overall is more user friendly and accessible. ParkWhiz has actually worked to broker a large number of spots in parking garages around America, including Minneapolis, in order to save their customers money — with this brokering, they’re able to offer them to you at lower prices than you would find if you just came off the streets.

That said, you can actually save yourself some money by using a free parking locator app like ParkWhiz. It’s much better than paying a premium simply because of aimlessly trying to find one yourself. Choose from their list of locations in Minneapolis and see what kind of savings you can get. Then you can pay in advance and reserve your spot for the day. It allows peace of mind as you travel to a new unfamiliar city.

Download it now: Google Play

minneapolis parking app

3. Spothero

Coming in next is Spothero, another great choice for finding parking within the limits of the City of Minneapolis. Choose the city you are headed off to on vacation or for business, such as Minneapolis, and then you will have at your fingertips a list of participating garages and spaces — you certainly won’t see all of them, because parking garages and services have to be a participating support to be found within the app.

Tell Spothero the day and time you want to park, and it will give you prices allowing you to comparison shop for price and location.  Once you have found your best rate, you can lock it in and  book your spot before you even get there! This means you won’t have to go driving around hoping you make it before the best spots are gone.

Download it now: Google Play

minneapolis parking app

4. Spotangel

Spotangel is another one of our favorites, handling all of your parking needs during your trip to the great city of Minneapolis. Select your city of choice — like Minneapolis — and then Spotangel shows where free parking and parking garages are so you don’t have to go searching for them. Not only that, but you can find up to date info on pricing. And then, through the power of the Spotangel community, the app notifies you where open parking spots are around your locale. This allows you a chance at free parking and insider tips that traditionally only locals would know. And lets face it, not having to pay $15 to $30 a day to park makes anyone happier.

Download it now: Google Play

minneapolis parking app

5. Parkmobile

Using Parkmobile can actually save you a ton of money on parking fees and reservations. It’s actually quite common that Parkmobile can actually save its users up to 50% off on parking, whereas you would pay more if you just meandered into a spot or parking garage. It has info on all kinds of parking including free and street parking. Parkmobile also has great customer service to help you out if a problem should arise, with a team that operates on a  24 hour, 7 days a week, schedule.

Download it now: Google Play

Minneapolis Parking App For Android Verdict

As you can see, there are plenty of parking apps to choose from for the City of Minneapolis. When it comes down to it, any one of these will help you accomplish the means that you’re after, but we definitely think that Parkmobile is the best, offering you savings that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on parking spaces.

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