5 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2024

If you’re looking for some new YouTube channels to watch and subscribe to, you might want to consider looking at one of the most subscribed channels currently on YouTube. These channels are extremely entertaining and loved by millions of people. What these channels offer vary from channel to channel, with some focusing on gaming and others focusing on cool tricks. Others focus on providing content by way of daily experience vlogs and more rant-based vlogs. No matter what, all of these channels are a lot of fun to watch — you’ll have ample entertainment for kicking back and relaxing. So if you’re ready to see what the most subscribed to channels are on YouTube, be sure to follow along with us below.


First up, we’re looking at PewDiePie. It goes without saying, PewDiePie is an extremely unique YouTube channel. First and foremost, PewDiePie basically records gaming content for his viewers to watch, but it’s mostly his crazy reactions and comedy that makes or breaks the video. People love his humor, which is what they come to his videos for. His humor is so loved that he has well over 63 million subscribers on YouTube. His content is most similar to Conan O’Brien’s own “Clueless Gamer” segments on TV.

PewDiePie also runs occasional vlogs, giving his viewers a look into what’s going on his day to day life. He recently did a vlog that attracted a lot of attention, announcing PewDiePie and Marzia’s engagement.


You might also want to check out HolaSoyGerman. His content doesn’t include much gaming at all, but you can find hilarious and informative vlogs on his channel. He has definitely made a name for himself, but he also hasn’t posted anything in over a year. He has almost 35 million subscribers on this channel, and there’s some great content that you can catch here. However, after watching some of his vlogs and deciding that you want more HolaSoyGerman content, you can catch him over on his strictly Germany channel: JuegaGerman. This channel has a little under 30 million, but it’s still fairly impressive.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is another excellent channel. This one started back in 2009 with some kids doing some cool tricks with a sandwich. It might sound strange, but the channel turned into a YouTube sensation not long afterwards. Tyler Toney and fellow alums from Texas A&M run this extremely successful channel, making videos of all sorts of insane trick shots. Did you think it was possible for a fidget spinner to fly across the floor and crash into a stack of water bottles? We didn’t either, but Dude Perfect shows its possible in another entertaining trick shot video. You can expect to see tons of other similar channels on the market.


Whinderssonnunes is another extremely popular YouTube channel. Brazil’s own Whinderssonnunes Nunes runs this channel, and has gained popularity for his wonderful parodies on pop songs, such as Justin Bieber’s own “Love Yourself” or Adele’s “Hello.” The parodies are hilarious, but Whinderssonnunes is also known for his awesome vlog rants. If you don’t think his parodies are entertaining enough, you’ll love all of the 10 minute rants on his channel. Keep in mind that, since he is from Brazil, most of his content is in Portuguese. His rants typically get between 5 and 10 million views, but his parody videos are the best, obtaining around 30 million each.


If you’re looking for someone that primarily provides you with gaming content, then you’ll definitely want to check out ElrubiusOMG. As typical gaming YouTubers are these days, most of the content on his channel is full of recorded streams from Twitch. But, ElrubiusOMG does try to mix it up every so often with unique content like interviews and Chatroulette content. He also has a massive obsessions for Pikachu and all things Pokemon. He has 30 million subscribers on his channel, and his video views usually sit at around 10 – 13 million each. One of his most popular Pokemon videos actually has a whopping 40 million views.


As you already know, there are a lot of fantastic YouTube channels online, all having millions upon millions of subscribers. However, what we’ve listed on this list are literally some of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, and they’re growing every minute. Any of these channels that you choose to watch will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. There’s something here for everybody as well.

What YouTube channel is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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