5 Best Free Football Streaming Sites in 2024

The glory of a field goal at the buzzer, the beauty of a perfectly-thrown spiral pass to a streaking receiver, a helmet-rattling QB sack from the blind side on a safety blitz; all of these are reasons to love the game of football. Whoever you are and wherever you are from, there is a very strong chance that you have a favorite team, a favorite player, and maybe even a favorite person with whom to watch the all the action. The problem, in many cases, is simply figuring out how to view the contest itself without spending a ludicrous amount of your hard-earned money to watch it. Here, we will outline five streaming services that may be the solution to your problem. In most cases, you will still need to enter credentials from your cable provider to watch the game. Once you complete that step, you can watch your hometown heroes from anywhere in the world — it’s thrown in for free with your TV package!

FOX Sports GO

Fox Sports GO can be a great option in this category. What this streaming service lacks in variety of options, they make up for in quality of options. When logging into FS GO, you will be directed to your local FOX Sports network. For you, this means that you will be able to watch your hometown team in action, but you will probably not be able to see any other NFL games. When it comes to NCAA Football, FS GO has improved dramatically over the past few years, and you will be able to locate many quality games on any Saturday in the fall or winter. Going even further, Fox Sports GO also broadcasts High School State Championship games in some areas. So, if local is what you are looking for, then Fox Sports is your home.

Get it here: FOX Sports

Amazon Prime

Coming in at number four is a household name that may come as a surprise in this category. Amazon has long been known as an online retail gargantuan which also provides a library of TV shows and movies, including originals. What is less commonly known is the fact that Prime has now struck deals with both the NFL and the English Premier League. If you are planning to watch Thursday Night Football in the NFL, for example, you will be able to stream this game with nothing more than a Prime subscription. If successful in this venture, Amazon plans to expand its streaming of football and other sports.

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NBC Sports Network

What is better after a long week than settling in for Football Night in America on a Sunday in late fall? If this is part of your plan, make sure you have access to the NBC Network. One great way to ensure you are able to tune in on Sunday night, or during NBC’s coverage of NCAA Football on Saturdays, is to get connected with the NBC Sports Network app. This app will allow you to stream all the action from the comfort of, well, wherever!

Get it here: NBC

CBS Sports

CBS Sports and NFL Football go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup, and it’s a pairing that is just as delicious, especially if you are a fan of AFC teams in the NFL. While NFC teams primarily hold contracts with FOX, teams in the American Conference of the NFL have agreements with CBS. Whether you cheer for Cleveland (sorry), Pittsburgh, the NY Jets, or another AFC team, it is certainly worth your time to investigate your streaming options with CBS Sports.

Get it here: CBS


Coming in at the top spot is a name known well to any sports enthusiast; ESPN. These streaming services take our top spot not only due to the quality of the games one is able to stream, but also thanks in large part to the quantity of games that can be viewed. From the NFL, to every conference and division of NCAA Football, and even to high school football, there is a tremendous likelihood that one or all of the teams you follow can be viewed through a stream on the ESPN family of networks. Download the app or watch online and prepare to stand in awe at the mass quantity of games offered for streaming by this service.

Get it here: ESPN


No matter where life takes you, football can be a sanctuary. Find time to escape from the stress of the everyday by utilizing one of these streaming services to put your mind on something more trivial, even if only for a few minutes. Regardless of your hometown, or even the team you cheer for, one of these streaming services will appeal to your tastes. Try downloading all of them in order to see which one best fits your lifestyle.

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