5 Best Animal Pictures For Kids On Android

Your animal loving child is bored as they sit in the doctor’s office or as you go up and down the grocery store aisles.  What better thing to liven up their day than presenting them with pictures of all kinds of cool animals that you can discuss as you go through the store or sit quietly in the office?  You can discuss the mating habits of penguins that you barely remember from the March of the Penguins that you saw years ago. Or you can just talk about the responsibilities that it takes to own that dog or cat that they have been bugging you for.  Here are several great Animal picture apps that you can find on your favorite Android device to inspire those talks.

Wild Animal Photos

These beautiful wildlife photos taken by professional photographers will keep your child’s jaw dropped.  And yours may join them as well. With dozens of animals to look at and hundreds of photos to view, your child will enjoy perusing this app again and again.  All the images are 1920 x 1080 pixels so they can be used as a wallpaper on your device or shared through your favorite social media sight. The images have no text on them so you are able to edit and use them with your favorite photo editor, placing your child alongside that wild tiger.

Download it now: Google Play

Baby Animal Pictures

Let’s get the collective Awwwww! out of the way.  These adorable pictures will keep your child coming back for more.  Even the hardest soul will find their heart melting when they see the baby bear, leopard, wolf, elephant, panda or so many more.  There are funny pictures as well as just plain cute ones. There are a collection that you can use for your child’s mobile background or the family desktop.  And let’s face it, that cute puppy or kitten on your screen just does something to your face. A smile comes even on the roughest days. Bring a little joy into your family’s life with this app.

Download it now: Google Play

Funny Animal Pics by Vankiros

Speaking of bringing joy into your family. . . Updated daily, this animal meme site is great to a smile to the face of anyone who comes near your device.  The adorable animals coupled with the hilarious one liners are great to share with not only your animal loving child, but also the grumpy coworker you are forced to sit next to.  You can share these pictures on your favorite social media and become the inspiration of the day guru of all your friends. Be warned though. There is some mild profanity on this site on rare occasions, so review the pictures before showing them to your little ones.

Download it now: Google Play

+1100 Animal Wallpapers

What this app has is numbers, sheer numbers of pictures. If you want a picture of it, most likely you can find it on this app.  The typical animals are found here like cats, bears, deer, and elephants. But you can also find odd ones like ladybugs, spiders, whales, hamsters and parrots. The pictures are high enough quality that they can serve nicely as a wallpaper or background for your favorite device.  You do need an internet connection to view the animal images on this app.

Download it now: Google Play

Animal Photo Frames

This is a fun app that can help you create memorable keepsakes for your kids.  There are tons of great pictures here that you can choose from. Then snap the picture of your child or loved one and this app will let you integrate it into the frame of your choice and offer you multiple filters to choose from to make it an animal child masterpiece. This app is fun and very easy to use. After you are done, you can save and share your pictures with others.

Download it now: Google Play


Animal fun and cuteness is never far away from your phone or tablet.  There are a lot of great options out there to help you keep your child’s interest and perhaps bring a little humor into your day at the same time. On top of that, animals are known stress reducers.  It may be the fur or it might just be their cute innocence that helps the blood pressure lower. With all the busy schedules of today’s family, it is nice to have a little stress relief in the midst of it.

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