5 Best Logic Puzzles For Kids On Android

Are your kids constantly reaching for your phone? Can they not get enough “screen time?” Instead of worrying about your kids frying all their brain cells while draining your battery constantly playing games with no benefit, how much better would it be if their game time could stretch their mind and help grow their brain cells? With that in mind we are looking at the best logic puzzles for kids.

Kids Slide Puzzle

Remember the old sliding puzzles we all used to play as kids where you had one square open and had to move everything around to reassemble the picture? “Kids Slide Puzzle” is a modern electronic version of that. Your kids are sure to have hours of challenging fun solving all the different pictures and difficulties included in this game. Though it will take a while for them to run out, they will undoubtedly want to do their favorite ones over and over. However if you want to keep it fresh this puzzle game will allow you to use your own pictures to create new and often more challenging puzzles than the ones it came with. A word to the wise though, you may want to put this on the kids tablet instead of letting them play it on your phone. The lack of being able to pop an extra square out to make it easier when you get frustrated like we did as kids means they will take even longer to solve which means the kids will never want to put down the device they are playing on!

Download it now: Google Play

Brain Games For Kids – Free Memory & Logic Puzzles

Coming in at number four “Brain Games for Kids – Free Memory & Logic Puzzles” also includes several different puzzles much like the last game; however, this game adds mirror painting, copy the mosaic and connect the pipes and many more for even more hours of fun and learning without realizing it. Don’t wait to grab your kids some good educational fun today!

Download it now: Google Play

Pipe – Logic Puzzles

From easy to complex our third choice, “Pipe – logic puzzles,” requires those playing to connect the correct color and pieces of pipe in the right order to get water from point A to point B. In this logic puzzle game those playing will have to solve multiple mazes at the same time; which may start out easy but will quickly get more complex. Some of the upper levels may have you taking your kids tablet away and challenging your mind while playing their games for fun!

Download it now: Google Play

Diggy’s Adventure

Are your kids a little bit older but still need the hours of mind challenging fun? You may want to check out our second choice game, “Diggy’s Adventure.” With thousands of riddles to solve and hundreds of labyrinth’s to escape from while interacting with many different NPC’s even your teens may not realize that they are learning while they are playing this game! With countless hours of fun you may want to download this one even if you don’t have kids anymore! We are certain that you will enjoy Diggy’s Adventure when you download it today!

Download it now: Google Play

Logic Puzzles, Brain Teasers

Our number one choice is “Logic puzzles, brain teasers.” These logic puzzles are sure to offer a unique experience as you assemble what some would consider works of modern art. This game includes so many relaxing and brain challenging puzzles we are sure you will not be disappointed. An added bonus to this game is the ability for you or your kids to challenge friends and see who can gain a higher score or solve the puzzles in a shorter amount of time.  Don’t wait, get yours today!

Download it now: Google Play


So there you have it. Whether you have a tiny toddler who needs entertaining or maybe a teenager who knows everything or you may just want a challenge yourself there are several appropriate options for logic puzzles and games that are sure to stretch the minds of kids and adults alike. Depending on the age of your kids you may even want to download a few and challenge them to prove they are smarter by seeing if they can get a higher score than you! Download all the options above and after you challenge your kids and all your friends we would love to know what you think. Do you know of a logic puzzle game for kids that is better than those listed above? We would love to hear about it. Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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