What to do with your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that seems to be overheating

Overheating is something you should look into as soon as possible as it may damage your phone and worse, it may inflict injury just like the Note 7 fiasco. Some owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus complained online about their units that reportedly overheats or heats up too fast. So the question is, does it mean that the phone is actually overheating?

I have a Galaxy S10 Plus myself and I, too, have encountered this “overheating” thing but I don’t think the phone is actually overheating. It does heat up fast due to some factors, actually there are just a few. I often use my phone like there’s no tomorrow, although I’m careful not to damaged its hardware due to drops and other physical damages. But when it comes to using it, well, I get to charge the device a couple of times a day or even three especially during weekends.

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I have tested it properly and I didn’t encounter a case of overheating. Again it does heat up but I think it’s normal. But for those who are concerned about it, here are the things you need to do so that your phone won’t heat up fast.

Close apps running in the background. You know, tapping the Home key won’t close the app you’re using, instead, it will continue to run in the background. When there are a lot of them using your phone’s resources, the more that your device will become hotter. So, tap that Recent key and hit Close all to quit them all at once.

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Don’t use the highest resolution. The default resolution of your Galaxy S10 Plus is FHD+ (2280 x 1080), which is good enough. But if you use the highest resolution–WQHD+–your phone will heat up real fast and depending on you use it, there could be a point wherein you will feel a little uncomfortable holding your phone. The longer the screen stays on with full resolution, the higher the chance that your phone may overheat especially if you’re gaming with a heavy game.

Prevent shooting 4K, 60fps videos. If you’ve tried shooting 4K videos, then you must have noticed that the left side of the phone near the volume buttons heats up faster than the other side or other parts of the phone. I shoot 4K videos most of the time and I noticed this and it may take a few minutes before the phone cools down. So, if you can prevent shooting long 4K videos, that would help.

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Don’t use the phone while it’s being charged. The charger emits heat and the battery naturally heats up when it’s charging. So, imagine what would happen if you set the phone to use the higher resolution and you’re gaming while the phone is charging? It’s best to let the phone sit for an hour or two while it’s still charging and then use it when it’s fully-charged or has enough battery.

So basically, it’s normal for your phone to heat up but overheat while you’re using it especially if it’s set to its maximum settings as far as the display and performance is concerned. However, if your phone is heating up even if you’re not using it or not being charged, then that’s a different situation. This case may lead to overheating. You must turn the phone off immediately if you think it’s heating up abnormally.

The same goes if your phone seems to overheating while charging. Power it down and disconnect it from the charger. For any signs of overheating, you must bring the phone to the store or shop immediately so that the technician can check it up for you. It’s risky to have an overheating phone like your Galaxy S10 Plus.

I hope that this short article has shed some light to your questions about how to prevent your Galaxy S10 Plus from overheating. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word so please share this post if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

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