What Is TouchWiz Launcher And How To Disable It On Samsung Phones

If you have seen the several Samsung Android smartphones available in the market then you might have noticed that they have the same user interface. From the budget J series of devices all the way to the flagship S series, all of these devices have a similar interface. This is because these models use the TouchWiz Launcher. This is a user interface that Samsung developed to bring in their own personal touch to the stock Android experience.

While using the TouchWiz Launcher is one of the best way to navigate an Android phone sometimes you will want to change this to personalize your phone further. There are several ways to disable this on your phone however the two most effective ways are listed below.

  1. Download a different launcher from the Google Play Store

When you get a new launcher from the Google Play Store then make this as the default launcher of your phone then you won’t deal with TouchWiz anymore.

Some of the best Android launchers available at the Google Play Store are as follows:

    • Nova Launcher – One of the olders launchers available for download which is always updated. It offers a lot of customization features on the phone which will definitely appeal to those power users.
    • Evie Launcher – This is a very light launcher that uses little resources. You should expect a performance boost on your device if you use this.
    • Microsoft Launcher – A fast and light launcher that is highly customizable.



  1. Root Your Phone then install a custom ROM

This is a drastic way to permanently remove the TouchWiz launcher form your phone. This is not recommended for Android beginners as this involves flashing the phone with a custom firmware. When performing this step you will lose any warranty that you have on the phone as the Knox counter will most likely be tripped.

Installing a custom ROM however can be a great way to personalize the way you use your Android device and can even improve the performance of the phone.


Among the two ways to disable the TouchWiz Launcher on a Samsung phone the first method will appeal mostly to the general consumer. Those who have experience in rooting and flashing Android phones will usually choose the second method.

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