How To Watch YouTube TV From outside the U.S.

Watching YouTube TV while you’re not in your home region (U.S.) can be pretty tough. This is because of geoblocking used by YouTube as well as every other major streaming provider out there. Thankfully, there are several ways you can change this, and we’re going to discuss some of those ways.

At A Glance: VPN To Watch YouTube TV From outside the U.S.

Since geoblocking works on tracking your location, what if you trick the provider into believing that you’re actually in another country? Well, this can be done thanks to VPN services. As online privacy becomes a hotly debated topic globally, the number of VPN apps has surged significantly as well. As most of you are probably aware, there are hundreds of VPN apps out there. A quick search through the Play Store will reveal that.

However, it is imperative that for a service like YouTube TV, you pick the best. We’ve decided to discuss some of the best VPN options available for users today. Using any of these services, you will be able to watch YouTube TV abroad with absolutely no hassles.

How to Watch YouTube TV Abroad

watch youtube tv abroad

1. CyberGhost

This VPN service comes highly recommended as it’s one of the few offerings that works almost everywhere around the world. Moreover, CyberGhost has a dedicated desktop app as well as an app on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store (iOS). We highly recommend this service for those that require a simple yet robust VPN app that covers all the bases.

Getting started with the service is as easy as heading over to CyberGhost’s site and signing up for a free account. You can download the desktop app for the service by heading over to ‘The Apps’ section on the site.

What I like about CyberGhost is the fact that it has comprehensive controls with regards to where your location should be and what the purpose is. For example, the desktop app has an option named ‘United States – Optimized for YouTube TV’. You also have a dedicated For Torrenting section on CyberGhost if you’re looking to download torrents with a different IP address. However, torrenting is illegal in many parts of the world and is not recommended.

It’s also worth mentioning that CyberGhost doesn’t store any personal information, so your activities remain completely anonymous. The makers also accept payment via Bitcoin for those seeking an extra layer of security in their transactions.

As for servers, CyberGhost has more than 5,000 high-speed servers globally while around 1,000 of them are located in the U.S. As far as safety protocols are concerned, the service uses DNS, IPv6, port forwarding, and WebRTC leak protection in addition to 256-bit encryption. Although some internet routers may require manual installation, CyberGhost works with practically any device you have at home including Windows PCs, macOS, Linux, Android devices including Android TVs, Amazon’s Fire TV as well as iPhones. CyberGhost also has browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox which enables ad-blocking by default during web browsing.

As a bonus, customers also get features like an ad-blocker as well as an anti-malware scanner. These features are available across all apps while CyberGhost also offers an easy to access kill-switch for the VPN. In addition to unblocking YouTube TV, this service can also unblock Netflix US in some cases in addition to UK based BBC iPlayer.

Download Here: CyberGhost

watch youtube tv abroad

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a reliable option given the kind of servers it provides. The service offers a total of 20 servers in key U.S. cities, and more than 2,000 overseas. In total, this provider has servers in 94 countries. While this service does require manual setup on some routers, ExpressVPN provides custom firmware to makes things significantly easier for the users. It is also worth pointing out that ExpressVPN doesn’t store private information from its customers, which is a standard that we’ve come to expect from every VPN provider. In addition to watching YouTube TV broadcasts, ExpressVPN also lets you stream city-specific content, which can be handy when you’re overseas.

What’s also impressive is the fact that ExpressVPN offers excellent live streaming quality even on HD quality. This indicates that the providers have high-speed servers that can offer excellent streaming quality no matter which location you use. However, as is the case with most VPN services, you may find yourself struggling to find speeds in some locations. In this case, it is recommended to change the location, preferably to a country that has more servers. One can safely say that ExpressVPN’s American servers offer snappy download speeds, so streaming content shouldn’t be a concern.

ExpressVPN is available on a number of platforms including Windows, Linux, as well as macOS. Although they also have an app for the Amazon Fire TV, the user interface needs some work. They also have excellent mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Apps across the board come with a dedicated kill switch to stop VPN services immediately. Further, all your data traffic is 256-bit encrypted in addition to offering DNS and IPv6 leak protection. This also means that ExpressVPN doesn’t keep your traffic logs, thus making it impossible to track your web traffic. Some reports mention that this service lets you unblock streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV as well, although these streaming providers have significantly upgraded their infrastructure over the past few years to block VPN apps. But it’s definitely worth trying.

If you choose not to pay with your credit/debit card, ExpressVPN also has an option to pay via Bitcoin. Naturally, any VPN service can encounter issues. This is precisely why ExpressVPN has a 24×7 customer support team on chat to help you through your VPN issues. There’s a free trial that lets you test the service’s features before purchasing a subscription. Overall, ExpressVPN is a good service, although we’ve come across offerings that offer more servers as well as flexibility with regards to options. But if you’re not seeking too many locations and simply want one of the most secure and fastest VPN apps out there, ExpressVPN surely won’t disappoint. It goes without saying that this has to be one of your options to watch YouTube TV abroad.

Download Here: ExpressVPN

watch youtube tv abroad

3. NordVPN

When we spoke about some of the services that come with more servers than some of the services, NordVPN is one of them. This service boasts of a total of 5,000 servers globally and has a presence in 20 different U.S. locations. What’s special about NordVPN is the fact that it also supports servers in regions like Africa and Oceania, while most VPN providers don’t offer servers there. This is also one of the few services that can effectively block YouTube, making this a truly capable offering. While customers would expect features like 256-bit encryption as well as WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leak protection, NordVPN goes a step further and adds features like ad-blocking as well as a dual-VPN feature. These factors alone make it one of the best services to watch YouTube TV abroad.

As is the case with most VPN providers, NordVPN prides itself on its security protection features. This means the service can also protect gamers from DDoS attacks as well. The company mentions that it doesn’t save any data logs, so you’re safe from being tracked. The service is available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, as well as iOS. All these variants come with a dedicated kill switch as well. If you’re planning to run this on a Linux computer, you will need to set up the configurations manually. Moreover, this service can work with newer platforms like the Raspberry Pi. NordVPN also mentions that it can also run Netflix as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, although we cannot confirm this at the moment.

While customers can try out the service for a short time, it will cost you money to use this for a prolonged period of time. But thankfully, for the money you’re paying, NordVPN lets you have up to 6 simultaneous connections on one account. This is something that not a lot of VPN providers offer and is definitely worth considering if you’re making a decision. You can use this VPN without fear to share files, access TOR, or browse anonymously on the web. If you’re looking to add VPN protection to your PC web browser, you can check out NordVPN’s encrypted extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Using features like WiFiSec, NordVPN can automatically connect to a VPN when your phone is on a new Wi-Fi network.

Although Nord VPN has plenty of servers at its disposal, the app doesn’t let you choose individual servers. Instead, you’re limited to choosing a location, and NordVPN will automatically assign the best server in the location. From a customization standpoint, this appears to be slightly worrisome, but considering how fast NordVPN’s speeds are, this really shouldn’t be a concern for prospective users. Should you encounter any issues with its functioning, the company has a 24×7 customer support team on live chat to guide you through any issues with the app.

Download Here: NordVPN

watch youtube tv abroad

4. ZenMate

While ZenMate may not be as popular as other VPN services we’ve talked about today, it’s still a pretty solid offering worth considering. It comes with a very simple to use interface that gives you quick access to pretty much all the features. As you would expect, it comes with Android, iOS, macOS, as well as Windows apps, although we feel the desktop apps could’ve been a little better. The app doesn’t offer a guided tour of its features, so the assumption is that everybody who uses ZenMate already knows a thing or two about it. However, this is not always the case. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are pretty decent and do exactly what they’re supposed to. ZenMate also has apps for Android TV as well as Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

ZenMate has recently included dedicated streaming profiles that allow it to unlock services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, and so on even if you’re abroad. Streaming services usually access your location and provide content based on the region, but by using a VPN like ZenMate, you can effectively browse the entire catalog of these streaming services as if you’re in the U.S. However, if you’re browsing from outside the U.S., download speeds may be impacted significantly. Despite this, users should still be able to perform standard tasks like browsing the web, checking for email or even streaming videos. It may be a challenge to play 4K videos, though.

ZenMate has P2P support, which allows it to be used for downloading torrents. Further, the app makers included a dedicated torrent section as well in a recent update. ZenMate follows a strict no-logs policy which means it will never store your data, thus ruling out the possibility of sharing it with someone. Unlike some other apps that we’ve discussed, ZenMate VPN doesn’t have its own adblocking feature. However, the makers offer a separate adblocking tool known as ZenMate Web Firewall, which is available as a free Google Chrome extension. In terms of security protocols, ZenMate offers AES 256-bit encryption for its mobile and desktop apps while its browser extensions only offer 128-bit encryption.

Almost every VPN subscription requires a subscription, but thankfully, ZenMate offers a 7-day free trial as well. Further, the company is supremely confident in its features which is why it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, one area where ZenMate falls behind is with regard to customer support. The company doesn’t offer a live chat or phone option, sticking to email support instead. In most cases, however, issues are resolved within a few hours, so this isn’t a major concern. ZenMate offers its servers in around 60 countries, but there’s no option to select individual servers in those regions. The Android app of ZenMate also comes with features like malware protection. Although not the best VPN services out there, ZenMate will certainly get the job done. Be sure to give it a try.

Download Here: ZenMate

watch youtube tv abroad

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the most underrated VPN services available out there. This is because the service comes with some of the fastest speeds we’ve seen, even when connected to a different location, leading us to believe that this is definitely one of the best out there. This is despite streaming videos on 4K quality. In comparison, other VPN apps that we came across could only offer semi-decent download speeds when connected to a remote location.

However, IPVanish is not without its faults. For starters, it cannot connect to many popular services like BBC iPlayer or the newly launched Disney+, while YouTube TV works just fine with this service when you’re traveling overseas. IPVanish mentions that it has server coverage in over 50 countries around the world, although the company is headquartered in the U.S.

It’s also worth pointing out that like many other VPN services, this one too won’t work in regions like China that are known to be restrictive of anonymous browsing. In terms of privacy and security, IPVanish ticks all the right boxes. This is thanks to the company’s no-logs policy, which means your browsing data is never stored on its servers. Speaking of which, it has a total of 1,300 servers capable of providing more than 40,000 unique IP addresses to mask your online identity. It’s worth pointing out that around 520 of those servers are located in the U.S. Moreover, IPVanish is one of the few providers out there that owns a majority of its servers and rents only a few of them.

What’s even better is the fact that IPVanish supports up to 10 simultaneous connections with one account, so you can be assured that all your devices at home are protected. Customers will find mobile and desktop apps for IPVanish in addition to platforms like Amazon’s Fire TV. You will also find apps for Kodi as well as the Fire TV Stick. Users can set this up over a Linux computer, but it may require a manual connection.

You can use IPVanish to block local traffic on your network while it also lets you hide OpenVPN traffic. Mobile and desktop apps of this service come with DNS and IPv6 leak protection in addition to 256-bit encryption, which is the gold standard among VPN apps today. Naturally, the app also has its own kill switch that allows you to quickly stop VPN services on your devices. What I like about this service is the fact that it displays servers split by continents, which gives you a very good idea of the available countries you can connect to. Despite supporting YouTube TV, IPVanish may find some issues with other streaming platforms as we’ve mentioned above. While the likes of Netflix should most likely work as normal, there’s no word on whether it still does.

Similar to other VPN providers out there, IPVanish comes with a 7-day free trial which should give you an excellent idea of how things work before you decide to pay for the subscription. If you’re looking for a comprehensive VPN solution with coverage for the entire family, IPVanish is without a doubt one of the best choices out there.

Download Here: IPVanish

At A Glance: VPN To Watch YouTube TV From outside the U.S.

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