Using Samsung Galaxy S10e Notification Panel

The Samsung Galaxy S10e Notification Panel has already been improved. With it, you can view the most recent text messages and access certain functions. But aside from that, you can now access an app’s notification settings from the Lock screen as well as snooze notifications.

It is more than just a notification panel now that Samsung has improved its functionality. Thus, it’s important that you know how to use it well as you can do a lot with just one swipe from the top of the screen. Continue reading as this post may be able to help you master how to use the notification panel of your new Galaxy S10e.

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Basic use of Galaxy S10e Notification Panel

Here’s a couple of things you can do with the notification panel of your new device…

  1. From the Home screen, drag down the Notification panel.
  2. To dismiss notifications individually, drag a notification to the left or right.
  3. To dismiss all notifications, tap Clear.
  4. To close the Notification Panel, press the Home button or swipe up on the screen.

To snooze a notification, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down to open the Notification Panel.
  2. Swipe your desired notification slightly to the left or right. Be careful because if you swipe too fast or too far, you might close the icons.
  3. Touch the Snooze icon (it looks like a bell).
  4. Choose your desired option.
  5. Touch Save.

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