How to Turn On or Off Location Services On Galaxy S8 and S8+

Did you know that your phone is tracking your every move if you have the location services function turned on?  Location services function is important to have on if you often use apps that requires GPS.  You must turn on location services if you need Google Maps or Uber in order to identify your current location.  In this case, you would want to turn on location services.

But if you value your privacy and do not want your location to be tracked, you might want to consider turning off location services.  Another common reason people turn off location services is to save battery life.  In order to locate you, location services will have to constantly ping your location, which eats up a ton of battery.  So if you’re ever running low on battery or simply want to extend your battery life, consider turning off location services on your Galaxy S8.

Here’s how to turn on or off your location services setting:

YouTube video

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