The Last Of Us 2 Release Date, Price, News And Rumors

The Last of Us might be one of the best story-driven apocalypse games to date. It’s just so well known for its story line, as well as its superior ability to connect the player with the characters. It’s a totally unique spin on what one would normally expect out of a post apocalyptic game, which is why it’s just so loved. That said, big fans of The Last Of Us are looking forward to the sequel — as it did kind of leave off on a cliffhanger.

So when is the Last Of Us 2 coming? When it will it launch? These are all questions that fans are looking to get answers for and more, which is why we put together this comprehensive guide. Read on, and you’ll find out everything you need to know about The Last Of Us 2 and when it’s set to launch. Let’s dive right in.

Last Of Us 2 Release Date

First, everyone, of course, wants to know when the game is going to launch so that they can play it. Unlike many developers, game studio Naughty Dog has actually been very open as to when the new game is going to launch, as well as some of the details surrounding this new title.

We actually might see The Last Of Us 2 sooner than you might think. According to a rumor going around Twitter, it’s possible that we could see it in October 2019. Here’s the word from Game Signal on Twitter itself:

“Peruvian gaming retailer LAWGAMERS, have issued promotional material for the Last of Us Part 2, suggesting an October 2019 release date. #PS4 #NaughtyDog #LastofUs

That said, October 2019 isn’t too far away from now, which could have us seeing a new game from Naughty Dog real soon. It also makes a lot of sense — there aren’t many major titles coming out under the Sony publishing umbrella, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see The Last Of Us 2 hit store shelves this year to make up for that.

The Last Of Us 2 Trailers

Sony and Naughty Dog have actually been very upfront about details surrounding The Last Of Us 2. Information around the game was pretty sparse, but that all changed after some big detail reveals at E3 2018 last year. One of those details is actually a pretty lengthy cinematic surrounding the game. And there isn’t just one, but two trailers for The Last Of Us 2.

The first trailer is actually pretty interesting. Like we mentioned, it’s a little lengthy — first starting off as a detailed cinematic, and then moving into some actual Last Of Us 2 gameplay. From what we can ascertain from the trailer, The Last Of Us 2 is going to be just as immersive and engaging as the previous game.

You can watch it for yourself below.

YouTube video

Like we mentioned, there isn’t just one, but two trailers that folks will get to water their mouths with. This one is actually a teaser trailer — which, admittedly, is very graphic. That said, it isn’t very long, and is hard to pull any details out of; however, it’ll get you excited for The Last Of Us 2 nonetheless.

You can watch it below.

YouTube video

Last Of Us 2 Story

Game development studio heading up The Last Of Us 2, Naughty Dog, has already publicly revealed that The Last of Us 2 will actually take place five years after the original game left off. That said, The Last Of Us 2’s story will continue the original title, instead of being a prequel or separate title altogether. This time, 19-year-old Ellie will be the game’s main character, whereas she was just a kid before. We should see Joel again as well, but in a different light — mostly keeping an eye on Ellie as he grows older and older.

We don’t know a whole lot about the game beyond that, but what we were able to pull from the trailers is that Ellie in this game seems to be quite angry about something, which is no doubt where the story will launch from.

Again, we’re not quite sure what she’s angry about, but it will no doubt have a big part of the story. — In fact, in the reveal trailer, she is seen playing guitar, singing a song. Once she finishes her tune, she says something pretty fiery to the aging Joel — “I’m going to kill every last one of them.” We’re not exactly sure who she’s referring to, but it could be the zombies, or one of the rogue group survivors, or possibly even the government, which was portrayed as evil in the first game.

In addition, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann confirmed that Westworld’s Shannon Woodward will be acting the game. We’re not sure what role she’ll play, but Woodward had this to stay:

“I am embarrassingly over-excited here because I’m peaking. @Neil_Druckmann is letting me act in The Last Of Us:Part II .”

It’s starting to sound like she’ll play a new character — Dina, who she actually mentions in her bio on Twitter.

Last Of Us 2 Price

The Last Of Us 2 is going to have a pretty normal price point. You can expect Sony here to follow the price point of most games on the market — $59.99 for the title. However, we’re certain that the game is going to game in varying versions, and all at different price points, of course.

That said, you can probably expect to see a Deluxe version of the game, no doubt retailing for at around $79.99. In addition, it’s possibly that Sony could launch a Collector’s Edition to go with it, which could be exponentially more expensive. Collector’s Edition’s usually start out at around $120 on the bottom end and max out at around $200. However, there have been games that have retailed a collector’s for a whole lot more than that.

In addition to all of that, you can likely expect to see a Season Pass. A Season Pass generally provides you a lot of extra content for the game that you can snag at a discounted rate. That said, season passes generally start at around $14,99, and then top out at the $29.99 end.

All in all, if you’re looking at a game and season pass mix, you could be looking at spending $90 on the game at the most.

What consoles will it launch on?

We can expect The Last Of Us 2 to launch on all of the consoles that it did in The Last Of Us. That said, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see it on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at the very least. Down the road, we might even see a port to other portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch, if not at launch.

However, we aren’t quite sure how Sony will handle the launch on PC. We’re not sure if we’ll see it on Steam, or if this will be something where Sony will be offering it exclusively through their own online store.

What about a beta?

Could we see a beta for The Last Of Us 2? It really isn’t likely. Sony and its developers have launched betas for many games that they’ve launched over the past couple of years, but those have been primarily all based around multiplayer experiences. On top of that, we doubt that Sony and Naughty Dog will want to spoil the narrative of the game, making a beta quite unlikely.

However, it’s possible that some folks could see Early Access. Sony and other publishers have a tendency to give those who pre-ordered their games a couple days early access before the masses get to the game. This is also something that’s popular among multiplayer games, but has been done with a handful of different story-driven multiplayer games as well.

Hopes for Last Of Us 2

As you can see, The Last Of Us 2 is gearing up to be one hell of a game. That said, there are still some awesome things that we’d like to see in the upcoming title.

For one, we’d like to see a little more choice in the game. Player choice is becoming more and more important in the gaming world, allowing players to essentially write their own stories. Not only that, but it usually creates a ton of replayability, as players always want to see all of the different possible endings that are available.

We think this would be a particularly welcome addition to The Last Of Us 2, especially because of its immersive, engaging, and ability to create a heart-wrenching experience. Player choice might actually give players the ability to connect with the characters more than they already are.


As you can see, there are a lot of details surrounding The Last Of Us 2, and even more will continue to emerge as we get closer the the launch date — hopefully in October.

What are you looking forward to the most about The Last Of Us 2? Would you want to see, say, some more player choice as we mentioned above? Sound off in the comments below — we’d love to hear what you’d like to see in this upcoming hit title!

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