How To Fix System UI Error On Samsung Galaxy

System UI error is one of the common bugs in many Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets over the years. In this troubleshooting guide, we bring you an updated list of possible solutions that you can try to deal with this error.

Troubleshooting System UI error on Samsung Galaxy

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When dealing with a System UI error, there are a number of troubleshooting steps that you can try because many factors can cause it. Follow the suggestions in this guide on what to do.

  1. <strong>Refresh the system.</strong>

    rebootSystem UI app is one of the default apps that Android uses to do certain tasks. And just like any other app, it can encounter bugs due to a wide range of causes. Some of these bugs may develop after leaving the device running for a long time. You can minimize the chance of issues by regularly rebooting a device. Make sure that you turn your Samsung device on and off at least once every few days. Just press and hold the Power button on your phone or tablet and select Restart.If restarting your handset won’t fix the problem, continue with the rest of the troubleshooting steps below.

  2. <strong>Force quit System UI.</strong>

    force stop e1585736786675System UI is designed to run constantly in the background and sometimes, it can encounter new changes that the system may not be able to resolve. To refresh the app, you can reboot it. Learn how to force close an app from this post.

  3. <strong>Clear System UI app cache and data.</strong>

    StorageThere are two other ways to directly troubleshoot System UI app other than force closing it. One is by clearing its cache and the other is to return all its settings to factory defaults. Each of these steps can help depending on what is the cause of the problem.Clearing an app cache will erase the temporary set of files or cache, which may have become corrupted or outdated. This usually occurs after an update. If your issue occurred after updating to the latest Android version, clearing the system UI app cache may help. After deleting the app cache, the system will rebuild a new cache so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.Resetting an app data will revert all settings of an app to defaults. This means that the system app will return to its original programming, like when the device was first unboxed.Learn how to clear an app cache and data from this article.

  4. <strong>Keep software and apps up-to-date.</strong>

    Update allUpdating apps and Android software is one of the effective ways to fix System UI has stopped error. Make sure that you check for app updates in the Play Store regularly.By default, any Samsung Galaxy device is configured to notify if there’s an available software update. All you have to do is to tap on the notification about it to start downloading the update. However, you can also manually check for software updates by going under Settings > Software update > Download and install.

  5. <strong>Check for rogue app.</strong>

    safe mode window 1Some Android problems may be directly due to a bad third party app. To see if there’s a malware or broken third party app in your Samsung Galaxy, try rebooting it to safe mode. In this mode, no app that’s not part of the original software package (pre-installed) can run. If your Samsung phone or tablet works normally without a system UI error on safe mode, that means that you have a bad third party app problem. You must remove the problematic app from the phone to fix the issue. If you are not familiar in using safe mode to troubleshoot, read this article: How To Remove A Virus On Samsung With Safe Mode.

  6. <strong>Wipe device (factory reset).</strong>

    Delete all 1The most effective way to fix System UI error on any Samsung is factory reset. If the solutions above has not helped up to this point, you can consider wiping the device. Factory reset will erase your personal data so make sure to back them up ahead of time. You can create a backup using Smart Switch, Samsung Cloud, or Google Cloud.

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