Starfield The Key Space Station: The Best Place to Sell Your High-Priced Loot

The Key space station in the Starfield universe is arguably the best place for players to sell their high-priced loot and contraband. Here’s a guide on how to access Starfield The Key Space Station and why it’s the ideal trading spot in the game as mentioned by other Redditors:

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The Key is a space station located in the Wolf system that serves as a base for the Crimson Fleet faction. It offers some of the richest merchants in Starfield who will buy your loot with no questions asked. The Key has easy access, high buyer funds, and everything conveniently located together.

Gaining Access to Starfield The Key Space Station

To gain access to The Key and its lucrative selling opportunities, you must first join the Crimson Fleet faction. There are a couple ways to do this:

1. Get Caught Smuggling

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If you get caught smuggling contraband or other illegal goods in UC territory, you’ll be approached about going undercover to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Accept this and follow the questline to gain access to The Key.

2. Follow the UC SysDef Questline

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Work your way through the UC SysDef faction quests. Towards the end, you’ll be faced with a choice to side with the UC or the Crimson Fleet. Choosing the Fleet will grant you access.

Once you’ve joined the Crimson Fleet, The Key will be open to you. Dock and enter to find the valuable merchants.

Why The Key is the Best Trading Location

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There are several reasons why The Key spacestation is the ideal place to sell your loot in Starfield:

Rich Buyers with 11,000+ Credits

The Key has multiple merchant vendors, many of which carry 11,000 credits or more at a time. This allows you to sell very expensive items. Compare this to the 2,000-5,000 credits that most merchants in the game carry.

No Restrictions on Stolen/Contraband Goods

The Crimson Fleet merchants at The Key will buy any item, even if it’s marked as stolen or contraband. This makes it easy to offload illegal items found throughout your adventures.

Conveniently Located Services

In addition to the rich buyers, The Key has crafting benches, a ship upgrade/repair mechanic, and other services all within easy walking distance of the merchants. It’s a trading hub tailored for convenience.

Respect from the Crimson Fleet

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As a member, you’ll receive respect and camaraderie from the Crimson Fleet members on The Key. They’ll look the other way as you sell your ill-gotten gains. It makes for a safe and friendly trading environment.

Step-By-Step Guide to Selling at The Key

Follow these steps for the best experience selling your valuable loot at The Key:

  1. Dock at The Key space station in the Kryx system.
  2. Head to the main promenade and locate the Trade Authority vendor directly ahead. Sell your most valuable legal items to fill his 11,000 credit inventory.
  3. Turn left and walk towards the back wall to find a General Merchant with 12,500 credits. Sell him your second-tier valuables.
  4. Return to the promenade and locate the four additional vendors ranging from 2,500 – 4,500 credits. Sell them cheaper items to clear your inventory.
  5. Utilize the nearby crafting benches to break down any excess junk items for scrap.
  6. Wait 24 hours for the vendor inventories to refresh if you have more to sell.

The Key Space Station: Your Best Option for Trading Up

From its rich vendor inventories to convenient services to friendly faction perks, the Crimson Fleet’s Key space station offers an ideal trading environment for high value goods. Join up with the Fleet to gain access and start accumulating credits faster than anywhere else in the Starfield universe. It will give you the funds needed to thrive as you journey through the Settled Systems and beyond.

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