Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch: How to Make Easy Money

Starfield Redditor players have discovered a Starfield Akila Chest exploit that allows you to farm large amounts of credits and gear quickly from a chest in Akila. This glitch involves a chest located in a puddle near the general store in Akila that restocks with loot every 48 in-game hours. Here is a complete guide on how to take advantage of this exploit to earn credits fast using Starfield Akila chest puddle glitch.

The Akila chest puddle glitch is a simple but highly effective farming method for earning credits, ammo, and other loot quickly in Starfield. The chest located in a small puddle next to the general store consistently respawns new loot every 48 local hours when using the steps outlined below. Players report earning around 120,000 credits per hour by solely looting the credits from the chest. This glitch is easy to do and provides a nice money boost early in the game.

Step-by-Step Guide Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch

Follow these steps to farm the Akila chest puddle easily:

1. Locate the Chest

Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch How to Make Easy Money 1

The chest is located in a small puddle on the ground directly in front of the general store in Akila. It’s in the top left corner next to the entrance.

2. Loot the Chest

Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch How to Make Easy Money 2

Crouch down while searching the chest to more easily access it. Loot whatever items you want, but credits and ammo have no carry weight and are ideal picks. The chest contains around 2,000 mass worth of gear.

3. Wait 48 Hours

Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch How to Make Easy Money 3

After looting the chest, wait 48 local Akila hours. Do this by sleeping on the stool located just outside the general store.

4. Reset the Vendor

Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch How to Make Easy Money 4

Once 48 hours have passed, go inside the general store and open then immediately close the barter window with the vendor.

5. Loot the Chest Again

Starfield Akila Chest Puddle Glitch How to Make Easy Money 5

The chest will now be restocked with all new items to loot. Repeat the process as many times as desired.

Tips for Maximizing Profits

Here are some tips to optimize using this exploit:

  • Only loot lightweight items like credits and ammo to avoid over-encumbering yourself.
  • Sell the weapons and other heavy gear you don’t want to other vendors for extra credits.
  • Put perks points into improving prices when selling items to earn even more from all that loot.
  • Use companion perks like Felix’s Pack Mule to increase your carry weight if needed.
  • The full cycle takes around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Expect around 120,000 credits per hour.

Exploit at Your Own Risk

While many players are currently taking advantage of this exploit, be aware that it could be patched in the future. Use at your own risk. Some also warn that looting the chest too quickly in succession may trigger anti-cheat protections. Take breaks between cycles to be safe.

One Player’s Exploits Gone Wrong

Reddit user shared their experience using this exploit extensively. At first, it provided a nice influx of credits and loot. However, they soon found themselves overburdened with items they didn’t need and struggling to sell it all.

Redditor warns to only take what you really need to avoid this issue. Sticking to credits and ammo provides a steady stream of money without leaving you over encumbered. As they put it: “Exploiter beware.”

While the lure of easy money is tempting, this tale serves as a cautionary reminder not to get carried away. Use this farming method responsibly within reason and it can give your credits a nice boost.

The Verdict?

The Akila chest puddle glitch provides an easy way to generate loads of credits, ammo, and gear quickly. While exploitative, it can give you a nice money boost early in the game. Just be smart about which items you loot and don’t overdo it. This remains one of the most effective farming methods currently in Starfield.

Give it a try and watch those credits roll in. Just be prepared to sell off excess hauls and resist grabbing every expensive item in sight. Used responsibly, this exploit can jumpstart your wealth without negatively impacting gameplay. Enjoy it while it lasts travelers!

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