Starfield Companion: Why the Annoying Fan Might Be Your Best Bet

A recent Reddit post highlights an issue many Starfield players are having with their Starfield companion – they can be overly moralizing and annoying when you want to play an evil or chaotic character. The original poster specifically calls out characters like Sam Coe and Sarah for lecturing the player character when they do unlawful or murderous things. This makes it difficult to enjoy an evil playthrough when your companions are constantly judging you.

Starfield Companion The Adoring Fan – An Unlikely Solution

Starfield Companion Why the Annoying Fan Might Be Your Best Bet 1

In the post, a Redditor suggests that the Adoring Fan companion, an homage to the famously annoying character from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, might actually be the best companion for players wanting to go full chaos.

The Adoring Fan lives up to his name – he absolutely adores the player character no matter what you do. Redditors points out in the reddit comments, the Adoring Fan will “love you and will constantly say nonsense about how great you are no matter what you do.” He doesn’t have an inner moral compass that bothers him when you murder innocent people or steal everything in sight. He’s just happy to be along for the ride.

For players wanting companions who won’t lecture them at every turn, the Adoring Fan’s inability to think independently could be seen as a positive thing. He provides constant hero worship without any of the judgment.

Dealing with Moralizing Companions

Of course, many players enjoy the depth and character growth that comes from companions who have their own moral codes. So what can be done if you want to play an evil character but don’t want to constantly argue with companions?

Don’t Bring Them Along

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The simplest solution is to just leave moralizing companions behind when you plan to do shady stuff. If Sam Coe isn’t there to see you murder that innocent merchant, he can’t chew you out for it later. The downside is you miss out on their combat skills and commentary during missions.

Send Them to Outposts

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Once you unlock outposts through the Constellation faction, you can assign companions to wait there instead of on your ship. Again, this prevents them from witnessing and complaining about your unlawful actions. However, they may still confront you the next time you visit the outpost.

Embrace the Tension

For some players, the companions’ negative reactions to evil decisions creates enjoyable roleplaying tension. Leaning into this conflict between you and your crew’s morals can lead to interesting character development for both sides. Maybe your noble actions slowly change a roguish companion’s worldview over time. Or your own morality shifts as you try to live up to your companions’ expectations. This path requires patience for lectures, but creates a more dynamic experience.


Starfield Companion Why the Annoying Fan Might Be Your Best Bet 4

On PC, mods may eventually provide options for removing morality checks or changing companion reaction. But console players are out of luck here for now.

Annoying But Loyal

At the end of the day, the Adoring Fan does offer one big advantage for evil characters – his unconditional loyalty. You’ll never have to worry about maxing out his disapproval meter and losing him as a companion. He’ll stick by your side praising you even as you become the vilest space pirate in the Settled Systems.

For players looking for an “easy mode” experience with companions as they explore the dark side, recruiting the Adoring Fan is certainly tempting. You’ll have to endure his excessive flattery and inane commentary, but that might be a small price to pay to avoid the judgment of self-righteous do-gooders like Sarah.

In the end, the “best” companion for any playstyle comes down to personal preference. Some will appreciate the Adoring Fan’s simplicity, while others will take pride in slowly corrupting their noble crew. With such a variety of companions to choose from, there’s an option for everyone’s evil adventures through the stars.

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