Starfield Romance Guide: Why Andreja is the Best Romance Option in Starfield

Starfield offers players several romance options, but many agree that Andreja is the most compelling choice. Here’s a Starfield romance guide on romancing Andreja and why she’s the best pick for your player character.

Romancing companions is an integral part of many RPGs, and Starfield is no exception. You’ll come across several potential love interests throughout your journeys in Starfield’s expansive universe. While they all have their appeals, Andreja stands out as the most interesting and rewarding romance option.

Starfield Romance Guide: How to Romance Andreja

Starfield Romance Guide Why Andreja is the Best Romance Option in Starfield 1

Andreja is one of the first companions you can recruit. You’ll meet her on your first expedition in while searching for her in a given quest. Andreja will be busy executing an injured fanatic when you find her.

To start romancing Andreja, bring her along frequently when exploring planets and space anomalies. Choose dialog options that match her ruthless personality. Andreja appreciates and respects strength, so make bold or aggressive choices when conversing with her and dealing with enemies.

After raising her affinity high enough, Andreja will invite you to her quarters on the ship. This kicks off the first major romance scene. Andreja will open up about her past and you can further strengthen your bond.

Continue traveling and fighting alongside Andreja. Flirt whenever possible and select dialog choices that complement her toughness and determination. As you progress, more romantic scenes will play out culminating in the option to fully commit to a relationship.

Why Andreja is the Best Romance

Andreja is the most complex and compelling romance option in Starfield for several reasons:

She’s Ruthless and Morally Gray

Starfield Romance Guide Why Andreja is the Best Romance Option in Starfield 2

Andreja isn’t some naïve do-gooder like many RPG love interests. She’s seen the ugly side of the galaxy and has no qualms about violence. Her ruthless personality meshes well with the gritty themes in Starfield’s setting.

Tragic Backstory Adds Depth

As you get to know Andreja more, you learn she endured immense trauma growing up. Her darker personality traits stem from a life of violence and tragedy. Romancing Andreja allows you to see beyond her tough exterior.

Great Combat Companion

Starfield Romance Guide Why Andreja is the Best Romance Option in Starfield 3

With her extensive mercenary experience, Andreja is one of the most effective companions in battle. Having a romance partner who can hold their own in fights is a major plus.

Satisfying Romance Arc

Andreja’s character arc if you romance her is superb. She slowly opens up and you get to help her find some peace and stability. The romance feels truly meaningful because of how you change Andreja’s life.

Memorable Romance Scenes

The major romance scenes with Andreja are some of the best in Starfield. You really see her vulnerabilities and how your relationship affects her. These moments are emotional and help humanize her.

She’s Not Another Damsel in Distress

Many RPGs have romances where you feel obligated to help a weaker love interest. Andreja is fully self-sufficient and your equal. You romance her because you want to, not because you feel forced to protect her.

Great Voice Acting

Andreja’s voice actress does an amazing job bringing nuance and realism to the character. The excellent voice acting makes conversing with and romancing Andreja feel organic.

Builds on Starfield’s Themes

Andreja’s personal story of overcoming trauma complements the game’s themes like charting your own path and exploring the unknown. Her romance arc feels pivotal to the broader narrative.

Romancing Andreja – Final Tips

Starfield Romance Guide Why Andreja is the Best Romance Option in Starfield 4

Keep these last tips in mind when wooing Andreja:

  • Bring her along frequently when exploring hostile areas and doing mercenary work
  • Always choose aggressive dialog options that match her ruthless personality
  • Complete her companion missions to learn more about her background
  • once you commit, avoid romancing other characters as this will upset Andreja
  • Pay attention to her unique preferences, like enjoying strong drinks and thrill-seeking activities

Put in the time and effort for Andreja, and you’ll experience Starfield’s most compelling romance story. She’s a complex character who greatly benefits from the player’s companionship. If you want an impactful romance that complements Starfield’s gritty setting, look no further than the fierce Andreja.

Final Thoughts

Andreja stands out as the most rewarding and narratively satisfying romance option in Starfield. If you prefer darker personalities and want a romance that truly evolves a character, Andreja is the clear choice. Just be ready to embrace her ruthless worldview. Love in the lawless frontier of space requires matching the brutality of the environment.

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