Starfield Bounty Removal 101: Your Path to Redemption

You made a mistake. In a moment of boredom or curiosity, you did something you shouldn’t have – attacked a ship, stole some cargo, went on a rampage. Now you have a bounty on your head from a faction in Starfield, and you need to get rid of it before bounty hunters start coming after you. Don’t panic – removing a bounty is straightforward, if you know the steps. Follow this beginner’s guide for a Redditor for Starfield bounty removal, and you’ll be back on the right side of the law in no time.

The Bounty System in Starfield: Starfield Bounty Removal

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In Starfield, committing crimes against a faction like attacking their ships or settlements will earn you a bounty. Each faction tracks crimes against them separately, so a bounty with one won’t automatically get you in trouble with others.

Bounties are attached to your character and ship registration. If you change ships, the bounty sticks with you. However, you can remove a bounty by visiting a terminal in a bar in a system controlled by a faction you don’t have a bounty with.

Bounties have 5 levels, from lowest to highest: Petty, Minor, Standard, Major, and Massive. The amount increases based on your offenses. A small accidental cargo grab might just warrant a Petty bounty, while going on a violent rampage could escalate to a Massive bounty very quickly.

The higher your bounty level, the more persistent bounty hunters will be in coming after you. Eventually they’ll attack you on sight in space and settlements. So it’s in your best interest to remove bounties as soon as possible, before things escalate.

Locating a Suitable Bounty Removal Terminal

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The first step in removing a bounty is finding a suitable terminal to do so. These terminals are located in the bars found in systems throughout Starfield.

However, you can’t just use any terminal. It specifically needs to be in a system controlled by a faction you don’t have a bounty with. If you try to remove your bounty in a bar in a system ruled by the faction you’re wanted by, they’ll simply try to arrest or attack you instead.

So you need to travel to a system where you’re neutral with the local faction. Check your star map for good candidates, avoiding anything owned or aligned with your offended faction. Neutral independent systems are ideal.

Once you’ve identified a suitable system, head to the local bar and look for the Bounty Removal Terminal. It will be a console or kiosk somewhere in the bar. Interact with it to begin processing your bounty removal.

Paying Your Bounty via the Terminal

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After locating a valid terminal, you can start the bounty removal process. The terminal will connect to the Interstellar Bounty Network, pull up your bounty data, and present you with the payment amount required to clear it.

The cost scales based on the level of your bounty, from very affordable for Petty up to extremely expensive for Massive. If you don’t have enough credits, you can take on jobs to earn the amount needed.

Once you’ve confirmed the payment, the terminal will process your transaction and transmit the payment to clear your bounty. Check your stats – the bounty should now be gone, along with any bounty hunter heat on you.

With your record cleared, you’re now free to travel safely in systems aligned with that faction again. Keep in mind any crimes will quickly re-incur a bounty, so tread carefully.

Using Bounty Removal to Join New Factions

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Bounty removal has an added benefit beyond just restoring your lawful status. It can also help improve your reputation with factions you previously had issues with.

For example, say you want to join the noble Crimson Fleet chapter, but have a sordid past with the tyrannical UC Vanguard. Simply clear your UC bounties at a terminal, then speak to Crimson Fleet recruiters. With your record wiped clean, they’ll be much more inclined to accept you into the fold.

This technique can be used to remove past transgressions blocking you from factions you now wish to ally with. Just be sure to avoid future temptation to relapse into crime should you be accepted.

Properly Managing Bounties

Making a mistake and getting a bounty isn’t the end of the world. But improperly managing it can be deadly. Follow these tips:

  • Check bounty levels often and remove Petty/Minor ones immediately before they escalate. Don’t let them linger.
  • Avoid space travel in hostile bounty factions’ systems until removed. Stick to safe neutral systems.
  • Don’t try to remove at terminals in hostile faction systems. Use a neutral system terminal.
  • Removal is affordable at lower bounty levels. Don’t delay clearing them.
  • Clearing bounties can open doors with factions previously hostile to you.
  • Fly carefully after removal to avoid incurring a new bounty from old foes.

Final Thoughts

Having a bounty put on your head can be stressful and limiting. But with the right approach, it’s manageable. Find a neutral system terminal, pay your fine, and move on with a clean slate. Use the technique to build bridges with factions you’ve wronged in the past too.

Just be sure to learn from the experience. Fly straight, avoid unnecessary conflicts, and keep your record clean. The expansive Starfield galaxy offers so many more rewarding paths to choose from. Pick a new direction, clear that old bounty, and embark on a fresh start today.

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