How to Become the Mantis in Starfield: Unlock Exclusive Gear and Special Missions

In this article we will be showing you how to become the Mantis in Starfield. Starfield’s expansive open world offers players the freedom to explore the settled systems at their own pace. While journeying between planets and factions, you may come across mysterious notes or recordings that kick off unexpected questlines. One such hidden gem is the Starfield “Mantis” quest that transforms your character into a spacefaring vigilante.

The Mantis questline is easily missable but immensely rewarding for those who uncover it. You’ll take on the mantle of “The Mantis”, a feared vigilante who stalks the lawless edges of the Settled Systems. After establishing a secret lair, you’ll gain powerful new gear to strike fear in the hearts of outlaws.

However, the path to becoming The Mantis is perilous. You’ll have to infiltrate a gang of deadly spacers and overcome challenges fitting for a superhero origin story. With the right prep and strategy, you can survive the trials and earn loot worthy of a cosmic legend.

Starting the Starfield Mantis Quest

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The Mantis questline begins with finding a hidden note titled “Secret Outpost Base” on a body or in a derelict location. This note describes a secret lair used by a mysterious outlaw gang.

With this clue in hand, travel to the planet Denebola I-B located in the Outer Expanse region. Land on the planet and make your way to the coordinates provided in the note. You’ll come across a cave entrance guarded by hostile spacers from a faction called the Vultures.

This kicks off a lengthy dungeon crawl through the Vultures’ base. The enemies range from levels 8 to 32, so go prepared with plenty of ammo, meds, and grenades if attempting this quest early. Also, be on the lookout for beds you can sleep in to restore health between battles.

Surviving the Vultures’ Lair

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Fighting through the Vultures’ lair is challenging but filled with valuable loot to help you along the way. Here are some tips for making it through:

  • Use cover and move slowly from room to room. The Vulture spacers like to hide and ambush you as you advance.
  • Invest in Security skills to unlock safes and doors with higher level locks. There are lots of locked storage rooms holding ammo, meds, and gear.
  • Save grenades for the robot and turret traps deeper inside. The robots in particular are resistant to normal gun damage.
  • Listen and watch for environmental clues. You may find the password needed later by paying attention.
  • Take advantage of beds to restore health without using up precious meds.
  • Don’t trust Livvey. Notes found deeper inside reveal he betrayed the previous Mantis.

After battling through spacers and defense systems, you’ll reach a critical puzzle that requires entering a password to proceed safely. Pay attention earlier to find clues to the password, or brute force the turrets.

Claiming the Mantle of the Mantis

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At the heart of the lair lies the secret armory of the Mantis. A wall panel reveals more of this vigilante’s backstory – he stalked the system taking vengeance on outlaws until Vultures discovered the lair.

Inside the armory you’ll find the main rewards for completing this questline:

Mantis Armor – A unique and menacing set of powered armor. Useful for stealth and intimidation.

Razorleaf Starship – The former Mantis’ personal starship equipped with top-end components. This ship will strike fear in passing pirates once you own it.

Mantis Lair – After clearing out the Vultures, the lair becomes a private base you can fast travel to. Displays collectibles related to the Mantis.

Donning the Mantis armor and flying his signature ship lets you take up the mantle of this galactic antihero. How you use these newfound abilities depends on your playstyle.

Playing as The Mantis

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Taking on the role of The Mantis gives you new options for interacting with the criminal elements of the Settled Systems. Here are some ways to leverage your vigilante persona:

  • Intimidate Outlaws – Pirates and bandits may flee at the sight of your infamous ship rather than attacking.
  • Karma System – Be a force for justice by taking out gang hideouts and defending innocent spacers. Or become a menacing neutral force.
  • New Bounty Hunter Opportunities – Factions may start offering special bounties against high value targets that only The Mantis can access.
  • Undercover Work – The Mantis armor lets you sneak into pirate gangs or gain leverage against corrupt authorities. The lore says the previous Mantis was betrayed – watch your back.
  • Build Your Legend – Take on harder bounties and leave calling cards to spread fear through the outlaw grapevine. Become the scourge of unlawful spacers.

Putting on the mantle of The Mantis gives players a fun new story path to pursue in Starfield’s expansive open universe. Whether upholding justice or forging your own code, the power is yours to wield.

Final Thoughts

Uncovering Starfield Mantis questline rewards you with a complete superhero fantasy fulfilled through cool gear, an awesome new ship, and opportunities for memorable adventures fighting the good fight across the stars.

The dungeon crawl to claim the Mantis armor and build your vigilante reputation is challenging but worth the effort. Use strategy and preparation to survive the Vultures’ lair traps and powerful foes within. Keep an eye out early in your playthrough for clues leading to this hidden gem questline.

Once unlocked, the roleplaying potential as The Mantis is limitless. Build your reputation among lawful and criminal factions as you see fit while collecting iconic loot like the unique Razorleaf starship. For players craving more from Starfield’s expansive freedom, becoming The Mantis delivers an unforgettable experience.

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