Sony and Amazon Are the Latest Tech Companies to Pull out of MWC 2021

  • Companies like Sony, Amazon, Ericsson, as well as NVIDIA, have officially canceled their participation in MWC 2020 fearing the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.
  • Previously LG had announced to stay out of the event with similar concerns.
  • MWC 2020 is scheduled to be held in Barcelona between February 24-27.

Companies like LG have already canceled their participation in MWC 2020 amidst the rapid spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus which has so far killed over 900 people, thus overtaking the death toll from the SARS outbreak in 2003.

Multiple tech companies have announced to follow LG’s footsteps with companies like Sony, Amazon as well as NVIDIA and Ericsson officially announcing to stay out of the event. This comes as authorities of the GSM Association or GSMA who are responsible for the MWC each year have reportedly come up with precautions for every attendee to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.

GSMA’s new rules mention that visitors from the Hubei province in China will not receive permission to enter the event. Additionally, attendees will also have to prove that they were outside China 14 days before the initial outbreak. This can be reportedly proven with documentation such as health certificates as well as passport stamps. GSMA also mentioned that temperature screening methods will be in place. Lastly, visitors will have to self-certify that they have not been in contact with anyone infected with the virus.

However, despite these new safeguards in place, companies clearly are not willing to risk it.

As we place the utmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of our customers, partners, media and employees, we have taken the difficult decision to withdraw from exhibiting and participating at MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Spain,” Sony’s statement read.

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Via: TechCrunch, GSM Arena

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