Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone: Dragunov, AX-50 or HDR?

There are three most used sniper rifles in Warzone: HDR, AX-50 and Dragunov. The two common contenders for being the best are the AX-50 and HDR. For us, it’s the HDR that claims the top spot despite being bulky and slow. What’s yours?

There has been a lot of debate going on as to what the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone is. But the contenders are always the HDR and the AX-50. 

In this post, we will tell you our take on what the best sniper rifle in Warzone is, as well as tackle on the best attachments for each weapon.

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#3. Dragunov

The Dragunov is a really good rifle, however, it is incapable of incapacitating a fully-armored enemy with a single shot to the head, which makes it a bit disappointing since you have to take two or three shots before you can down an enemy.

dragunov sniper rifles in warzone

At 174 RPM Dragunov’s firing rate is slower than any semi-automatic weapons in Warzone, but around 3 or 4 times faster than AX-50 and HDR. It also has the fastest Aim Down Sights of all the sniper rifles at 534ms. Which means that you can quickly get the enemy in your scope before squeezing the trigger. 

Having a magazine capacity of 10 rounds and 20 in reserve, you can stay hidden for a longer time before running out of bullets. 

Now here are the best attachments for this weapon in Warzone:

For the muzzle, it’s best to use the Compensator for this weapon, as it gives it a boost to accuracy and control.

And for the barrel, the best option is the 660mm Extended Barrel as it increases three key areas, namely: damage range, bullet velocity and recoil control. It gives the rifle another boost to accuracy, rate and control. 

The optic that’s best fitted for this weapon is the Variable Zoom Scope. It gives you a significant boost to range. But it actually depends on you if you prefer the thermal scope for this one.

The F-Tac Hunter-Scout is the best stock for this weapon as it offers aiming stability in exchange for aim walking movement speed. Players won’t be strafing much when using a sniper rifle, so it’s a nice final attachment to give players a more pleasant experience when scoping in.

For the mag, it’s best to use the 15-round Mag so as not to sacrifice mobility. But feel free to use the 20-round mag.

#2. AX-50

The AX-50 is bigger than the Dragunov, but smaller than HDR. So it offers a smoother and faster ride than its marginally bigger sibling. If you miss your shot, you can fire another shot faster than the HDR can. But it has a lower recoil, which means you can quickly and accurately return to the starting position after a shot. 

ax 50 sniper rifles in warzone

You can further improve its attributes with these attachments: 

For the muzzle, the Monolithic Suppressor will always be a good choice for this weapon. It boosts the Damage range and accuracy, as well as provide good sound suppression. 

To optimize damage range and accuracy, use the 32.0” Factory Barrel. It increases bullet velocity while decreasing recoil. 

For the optics, the Thermal Sniper Scope will always play nice with this weapon, although if you want more accuracy, the variable zoom scope can give you a little of an advantage. But when it comes to spotting from a long distance easily, the former is your best bet. 

The Singuard Arms Marksman will be good for this weapon to increase aiming stability. But if you want to increase your aim down sight, then use the Singuard Arms Assassin.

#1: HDR

The HDR is the biggest, slowest, and yet best sniper rifle in Warzone. It may have the same damage profile as the AX-50, but it can easily supercede it when fitted with the 26.9” HDR Pro, which makes it pretty much as close as you can get to a hitscan gun in Warzone.

hdr sniper rifles in warzone

Here are the attachments that can greatly improve the attributes of this weapon:

A muzzle that’s best for the HDR is the Monolithic Suppressor, as it provides good sound suppression as well as giving a boost to damage range and accuracy. 

For the barrel, the 26.9” HDR Pro is your best option. it provides a boost to Damage Range, Bullet Velocity, and Recoil Control, which translates to a more accurate shot. Accuracy is important to sniping as  you can’t fire rapid shots. 

The Thermal Sniper Scope is a community favorite because of how powerful it is. Its high powered Thermal Target Identification uses an 8x thermal sniper scope to detect and highlight heat signatures of enemy players visible in all lighting conditions. Pair this class with Ghost and Cold Blooded to not fall victim to radar or thermal snipers.

For the stock, the F-Tac Champion is arguably the best option for this weapon, because aside from giving aiming stability a boost, the aim walking steadiness is also improved.

The Bottom Line

Each weapon has its attributes and damage profiles. Some attributes may be more striking than others but what’s important is your skill. Regardless of whether you use the Dragunov, AX-50 or HDR, if you know what you and your team is doing, you’ll probably win the match. Of course, if your skills are matched with powerful weapons or sniper rifles in Warzone, winning will be much easier.

So there you have it! That’s our take on what the best sniper rifle in Warzone is. What’s yours?

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