Skype Audio is Delayed, audio out of sync [Easy Fixes]

Video and audio lags also known as Skype lag are among the common issues encountered by Skype users when using the platform for webinars and conferences. Read on to learn why such problems occur and what to do when faced with the same dilemma with Skype. Here’s what to do if Skype audio is delayed or out of sync.

Possible causes

Problems affecting Skype’s audio and video functions aren’t always due to hardware damage. In fact, many people who have faced these issues have figured that random software glitches and internet problems are often the underlying causes. For Skype audio that is out of sync or delayed, the following factors are more likely to blame.

  • Slow internet – when your phone is having sluggish internet connection or low bandwidth, video streaming apps and services may not be able to work as intended. The same thing happens if your phone is having an unstable or intermittent connection to the network.
  • App is glitching – it is also possible that the Skype app is currently experiencing a minor glitch that eventually ruins the audio functions. Aside from in-app glitches, random system errors on the phone can also trigger occurrence of similar symptoms when using Skype.
  • Camera-related issues – camera problems either on the software or hardware component could also be the underlying cause. Your phone’s camera or the camera of the other person might have malfunctioned and therefore needs repair.

Now that you already have identified the possible causes, the next thing you should do is to rule each of them out. To do so, I’ve outlined a few potential solutions for you to try on below.

Troubleshooting a problem on Skype audio that’s delayed or not syncing with video

Time Needed : 10 minutes

The following workarounds are applicable to Skype for Android app. Before you begin to troubleshoot, you will need to secure at least two devices with Skype so you can use them to check and see how Skype works after carrying out these individual solutions. Once you have your devices ready, you may proceed.

  1. Refresh your Internet connection.

    Start working on your internet connection. As mentioned earlier, slow bandwidth could be the main reason why you are experiencing audio delay when using Skype. That said, close all running apps that might have used your bandwidth. Just launch the Recent apps viewer and close any running applications in it.Refreshing the internet connection is also another simple tweak to deal with random internet issues that might have caused problems with Skype’s audio syncing function.There are different ways to refresh the internet connection on your phone. You can go for the traditional Wi-Fi toggle off and on, Airplane Mode trick or modem/router power-cycle.fix skype audio delay not syncing - refresh wifi connection

  2. Quit then restart Skype app.

    To clear out random in-app glitches that might have caused audio malfunction or app instability, force closing and restarting the app can be deemed a simple yet very effective solution.Clearing the app’s cache and data is also an option. This is often needed if the app has already accumulated bulk caches or temporary files.After clearing cache and data and restarting the Skype app, perform a test call to see if the problem is fixed. If the audio remains delayed or not syncing with the video, consider the next option.fix skype audio delay not syncing - restart skype

  3. Update the app.

    Apps also receive periodic updates from their respective developers. These updates not only offer new features but more importantly, they embed essential patches to address existing app issues inflicted by some tough bugs.To view available updates for Skype, just access your apps and games folder from the Play Store then look for any pending updates for Skype.If an update is available, you can implement the update by tapping on the Update button next to Skype or Update all button on the upper-right side of the screen.After installing updates, restart the phone to refresh the system and to apply the recent software changes.Updating the app is often the key to resolving the issue if it’s attributed to the app’s minimum system requirements that aren’t met on either devices.fix skype audio delay not syncing - update app

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy S20

In the case where the camera is to blame, you can carry out a series of basic camera tests to determine whether or not the software or hardware components of your phone camera are working as intended.

Still experiencing audio delay on Skype?

If all the aforementioned procedures failed to solve the problem and you already have run out of options, you can escalate the problem to Microsoft’s Skype Support team for further assistance. You can ask them to check the current status of Skype server from their end to see if there are any ongoing technical difficulties that might have affected calls on Skype.

Hope this helps!

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