How to Show Web Previews in Samsung Notes on Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will walk you through configuring the Samsung Notes app settings to make the app display previews of the website links or URLs added from other apps. Here’s a quick guide to show web previews in Samsung Notes on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.

Time Needed : 2 minutes

Like many other built-in Samsung apps, the Samsung Notes app is also packed with a number of advanced features that you can use for various purposes. One of the said features is the so-called show web preview.

When enabled, previews of the hyperlinks or URL embedded in Samsung Notes will then be displayed. It works similar to that of the Samsung web preview function in Messages that lets you show a preview of the website from a SMS link.

And here’s how to enable this feature on the newest Samsung Galaxy Flip smartphone.

  1. To get started, navigate to the Home screen or Apps viewer and then tap on the Samsung Notes icon.

    email samsung notes as pdf galaxy z flip4 1

    Doing so will launch the Samsung Notes app on your phone.

  2. While in the Samsung Notes app main screen, tap on the three short horizontal lines (menu icon) located on the upper-left corner of the screen.

    change samsung notes lock galaxy z flip4 2

    Another side menu will load up next.

  3. In the side menu, tap on the gear icon located on the top-rightmost corner.

    change samsung notes lock galaxy z flip4 3

    You will then be routed straight to the Samsung Notes app settings menu.

  4. Navigate to the Advanced section to view more options.

    show web previews samsung notes galaxy zflip4 4

    Once you’re in the Advanced section, find and then tap to turn on the switch next to Show web previews.

  • Settings
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Enabling this option allows the Samsung Notes app to display website previews added from other apps. With the Show web previews option turned on, the Samsung Notes app will also be able to parse a link to fetch the website’s icon, title and description. 

Based on the given preview, you can easily decide whether to click/follow the link or not.

Adding a web link in Samsung Notes

The Samsung Notes app is designed to recognize links on its own. That said, you can add a link in any of your notes without having to type prefixes like HTTPS or WWW. All you have to do is enter the website URL like and Samsung Notes will be able to recognize it as a link.

To make the app work in this manner, the option to Show Links in Notes must also be enabled beforehand.

And that’s all about configuring the Samsung Notes app to display web previews on the Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.

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