Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Release Date, Price, News and Rumors

Galaxy Watch lovers are constantly vying for what’s next. The next upcoming new Samsung Watch that many assumed to be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 could release in August 2023.

Galaxy Watch 6 Rumors:

  1. The Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Pro are expected to be released in late August of 2023.
  2. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is likely to cost up to $499 for the variant with both GPS and cellular connectivity.
  3. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will feature a Sapphire crystal glass-covered 1.4-inch Super Amoled display and a titanium body.

Will Samsung continue the Galaxy Watch series? Do they plan on launching the Galaxy Watch 6 soon? These are all great questions, and the exact reason why we compiled all this information together, in one place.

Follow along with us below, and we’ll show you everything you need to know about Samsung’s next watch.

Galaxy Watch 6 Release Date

We now now expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to release around August 2023, which is when Samsung is expected to announced the Galaxy Flip5 and Fold5 smartphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch originally launched in August of 2018, so it really wasn’t that long ago before it launched. That said, we’re at least a few months out from a new one. 

Now we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung tries to line up the Galaxy Watch 6 launch with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5, which usually happens around August of 2023. Samsung will likely offer pre-orders with it, and you might see special pre-order offers like last year through carriers that have a buy a Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5, get a Galaxy Watch 6 free.

The way it will likely happen is that we’ll see an announcement, and then a week to two week pre-order period, followed by the actual launch. If it happens like last year, folks might even start receiving their Galaxy Watch 6 a couple of days before the official launch date.

Galaxy Watch 6 Design

There hasn’t been many rumors around the Galaxy Watch 6, at least as far as actual blueprint or press render leaks go. That said, we’re hoping to see Samsung do some fairly major improvements to the Galaxy Watch 6. The original Galaxy Watch was actually fairly bulky, heavy, and wasn’t nearly as lightweight as, say, the Apple Watch.

The rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch is really nice, and adds some pretty unique functions that you wouldn’t see elsewhere; however, we do hope Samsung keeps that function in place with the Galaxy Watch 6, but possibly with a smaller and sleeker looking case.

It would also be awesome to see Samsung either offer some premium and professional bands with the Galaxy Watch 6, or at least partner with a brand that can offer those — i.e. Apple partners with Hermes, and also offers their own chain-link bands.

Galaxy Watch 6 Software

Software is a big area where we’d like to see some major improvement in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Tizen OS runs well on the Galaxy Watch, but, unfortunately, the versatility and software ability of the Galaxy Watch 6 is extremely limited because Tizen simply isn’t a well-adopted platform, nor does it seem to be catching on very well.

That said, if Samsung were to go the way of Google’s Wear OS, formally known as Android Wear, there would be better connectivity between the Galaxy Watch 6 and most Android phones. On top of that, you would have way more app support as well — apps that work with Tizen have to be ran through the Tizen app store, and unfortunately, most developers just aren’t doing that since the Tizen platform just isn’t as well supported as it should be.

One of the areas that especially needs help is in terms of voice assistants. Bixby has a lot of catching up to do, and likely just doesn’t have the data necessary to bring Bixby to where it needs to be to compete on a level with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. That said, we’d like to see Google Assistant take the place of Bixby, as the Galaxy Watch would then even connect well with other Assistant-powered devices in the home, as well as some smart home gadgets.

We’d also like to see Samsung take some notes from Apple, and build out their activity tracking and fitness software. One of the nice things about the Apple Watch

Galaxy Watch 6 Hardware

As far as hardware goes, we’re not likely to see any major improvements. The Galaxy Watch already has some pretty good hardware in it, but runs Samsung’s own chipset — the Exynos 9110. It’s a dual-core processor, but still handles most tasks really quickly. It’s also battery efficient, which is what gives your Galaxy Watch its long battery life.

We’re actually hoping that we see a better battery inside the Galaxy Watch 6. One of the attractive things about the traditional timepiece is that they can go for months, if not years without having the battery replaced. It would be nice to start to see that in a smartwatch, as charging your smartwatch — or even remembering to charge it every day or every other day — can be a huge hassle.

The other aspect that we’d like to see is some upgraded sensors, and especially an improved accelerometer. That would be nice to have simply for better step and workout tracking, as well as possibly even something similar to Apple’s “Fall Detection,” which really does have the possibility to save lives. The heart rate sensor will be available in the Samsung Watch 2023 that will work in tandem with Samsung health.

The Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to have its usual Corning Gorilla Glass DX display to ensure its durability. The Gorilla Glass DX will also help with the water resistance ability.

Galaxy Watch 6 Price

Price of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will likely vary in at least two ways. For one, we could see the same price as last year. This was for the Bluetooth-only model, with the cellular version increasing costs between $400 – $500, depending on where you brought it from.

That said, we could see the same thing happen with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Or, the Galaxy Watch 6 could follow the way smartphones have, and see a $50 – $100 increase per year, which would peg the Galaxy Watch 6 at around $399 or $429. That’s far from official, and are just rumors, but would be a pretty average and even a respectable price increase for any extra features or materials that would make the watch more “premium.”

Similar watches

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was a huge success, and Samsung will no doubt be launching a successor to the smartwatch; however, there are a variety of other new smartwatches to look at from Samsung.

While the Galaxy Watch 6 is Samsung’s full-on professional smartwatch, those that want purely fitness tracking features have the Galaxy Fit and Fit e, both of which are in a smaller profile.

That said, a Galaxy Watch 6 will launch this coming Summer or Fall, but we won’t see any new fitness based watches.


As you can see, there’s a lot of rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, but very few facts. We do know that Samsung will definitely be launching a successor to the Galaxy Watch, we just don’t know all of the solid facts this early in the game. As the time gets closer, you’ll start to see rumors ramp up, which is when you can start taking many of those as fact.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a stellar smartwatch that everyone loves. It looks attractive, it’s long-lasting, and the smart functions are fairly unique.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is one of the best smartwatches to date that works on the Android spectrum of software. It runs on Samsung’s own Tizen platform, but connects up to Galaxy and Android phones alike just fine.

One of its best selling points is that it’s a circular watch, which is supposed to help it look a lot more like a traditional timepiece. This is different from the Apple Watch’s square face that many don’t like at all.

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