Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Failed Problem [How To Fix]

galaxy s3 camera failed

If you’ve received the message “Warning: Camera Failed” on your Samsung Galaxy S3, don’t panic because it’s a simple problem and it needs a simple solution. In fact, it is more of a software glitch than hardware. Basically, I will suggest you to try simpler troubleshooting steps first before going further to a more complicated one.

Fixing Camera Failure on Galaxy S3

There are, at least, three things you can do to try to fix this problem and let’s start from a very simple one:

Clear Camera Cache & Data

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  2. From the options, tap Settings.
  3. Find and tap Applications Manager.
  4. Swipe twice to left to choose All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Camera.
  6. Tap Force Close button.
  7. Tap Clear Cache button.
  8. Tap Clear Data button. (Please note that all your settings and preferences will be deleted when you do this.)
  9. Reboot your phone.
  10. Check if the camera is now working.

Here’s the reason why you need to do this:

More often, camera failures are caused by corrupt cached data, which you need to clear. Tapping the Force Close button will stop the app from running. The Clear Cache button will delete all files used by the app when launched, while the Clear Data button will delete all settings including user’s preferences. This procedure will not affect other apps but the Camera app.

Clear Gallery Cache & Data

Follow the same procedure as the previous except that you need to find Gallery instead of Camera. This procedure will, basically, do the same thing to the app. But if you asked why you need to clear data from the Gallery app, well, it is because the Camera and Gallery apps work side-by-side. Thus, there is a connection between them. The fact is, many of camera-related problems are caused by the app.

The Camera app takes the photo but the Gallery app will manage those shots depending on the preferences of the user; it includes cropping thumbnails, sorting pictures by name (or date, or size, or whatever), uploading them to the cloud when syncing is enabled, etc. In short, the Gallery app has a lot of things to do than the Camera app. That’s why it is logical to clear its cache and data whenever the camera ceases to function normally.

Factory Reset

In case the problem couldn’t be resolved by doing the previous procedures, this is the next thing you should do if you can’t live with using your phone’s camera. But before anything else, we advise you to make a backup of everything important in your phone because they will be gone once this procedure is completed; that’s the hassling part when you decide to do this.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap on Accounts tab and choose Backup and Reset.
  4. Tap Factory Data Reset.
  5. Tap Reset Device.
  6. Touch Delete All.

This procedure will delete all files, settings and data that is reachable by Android. However, there are certain folders or partitions in your phone’s memory that couldn’t be deleted by doing this. The best example is the cache partition.

Wipe Cache Partition

In case the problem isn’t resolved after the factory reset, try this procedure.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons until the phone vibrates.
  3. Let go of the Power button but continue holding the Volume Up and Home buttons until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  4. Press the Volume Down button to choose ‘wipe cache partition’.
  5. Press the Power key to select.

What this does is empty contents of the cache partition. Every app has its own cache that is saved inside this partition. However, a factory reset cannot delete them that’s why you need to do this.

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51 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Failed Problem [How To Fix]”

  1. I did try of these steps but the same warning still appears and my camera doesn’t work!

  2. Hi! i’ve try all the steps that are mentioned but still the(samsung galaxy s3) camera fail. the more i tap the camera button will delay for some seconds and will show (camera fail) pls i need ur help. thank u

  3. My phones rear camera won´t focus, I´ve tried uninstalling apps, resetting it, smacking the phone and nothing works!!! I have a Galaxy A3 (2016) HELP!!!

  4. I have done everything stated above but nothing worked. I took my time to read through the comments and I joined the people that suggested that you should remove the back cover of the phone and smack or softly press the camera with a lil tap and there you have it, my camera is back and functioning well. Thanks guys

  5. My Samsung s3 camera doesn’t working..if I reset also it doesn’t working. Wn I go camera mobile heat..wt can I do

  6. this is amazing. THANKS SO MUCH! my camera’s finally working. ohgosh í;m this close to crying bcos I was too frustrated. thank you again. GOD BLESS YOU

  7. I tried everythinggggggg under the sun to fix camera failed on my s3,nothing worked.i came here,read yal’s comments and had to try it.why not? got nothing to lose.oh my god,this lil tricked worked! u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e! i cant thank myself enough for coming here and reading this forum.i smacked it 5xs,presto! my cell dropped a few good times in the past,last drop finally gave way to disconnecting my cell.

  8. That’s a great idea. This is probably why so many folks (above) are having success with “smacking the phone.” Haha this is a much better technical solution. (And yes, I smacked my phone, and yes, it totally worked. Pissed me off 😀 haha)

  9. I work in IT, so I thought, “its a software problem, I’ve got this.” Tried everything but factory reset, nothing worked. Read this comment, thought “I’m not doing that, that’s silly.” Two hours of fiddling go by…and I gave in. I smacked the phone (smacked camera facing side against palm). IT FREAKING WORKED. No joke. I hate stuff like that. It’s like kicking a TV to fix it. Dammit. Pisses me off (but I sure am glad I saw this comment! My camera works now!)

  10. well ….!! I have tried everything .. and still doesn’t work !! :/ :/ 🙁 … would any body please help me !? any advice !

  11. For anyone who has tried all fixes and still not having a working camera, pls try to strip the phone down and check the camera flexi connection. The connection was loose in my camera hence failed! Just to snap the connection back and it sure helped!!!

  12. The message “Camera failed” might cover different possibilities. In my case, it seems a hardware problem, as I have re-flashed my phone all together and it stills shows this error. But I have also replaced the back camera unit without fixing it!

    Just wonder how Samsung/Carphone Warehouse would fit it?!

  13. Thank you!
    I tried this manually just pressed the camera by figures and started the worked for me.

  14. Had this nightmare…
    Tried everything. Clearing cash, factory reset, clearing cash partition, removing sd card, battery, praying (not really)…
    Turns out it is a hardware issue.
    Take off the back cover, locate the top left screw. Check if it’s loose…tighten it.
    That solved the problem for me….

  15. Had camera failed in all my camera apps, the front camera works tho. I read somewhere suggesting smack the phone, that would be my last resort because it sounds crazy, but I did it at the end and surprisingly it works, LOL. Yes, I guess it’s the SD card problem, if I knew earlier I didn’t have to smack my phone, simply remove the SD.

  16. I tried everything. AND HITTING THE PHONE NICE AND FIRM IN THE PALM OF MY HAND GOT THE CAMERA TO WORK. WTF. WTF> ok i mean…. it works now !

  17. OMG, thank you so much. Ive been googling how to fix my camera for days. Can’t believe it was so simple. Feel like such an idiot

  18. Will doing this step erase all of my photos?

    Tap Clear Data button. (Please note that all your settings and preferences will be deleted when you do this.)

  19. i have problem with my s3 front camera.. it shows camera failed. i have tried
    to reboot and cleared all cache and data.back camera is working but not front camera..

  20. hi ,

    I tried a method and it worked. Go to application manager on your samsung galaxy s3, choose camera and clear cashe and data, reboot and it will work.

    Good luck

  21. I tried all the option but the problem is still the same. Do yuo have any other option to fix my camera?.

  22. Tried all of the following suggestions and nothing worked. Finally, I rooted my phone (I found an instructional youtube video to teach me how to root), and downloaded SD maid from the store. Problem solved.

  23. i just hit my phone for the 3 time on the back of the cam and it begin to work! i tried even clear the kamera cache … didnt work so guys here is the solution ! problem is with the cable that its put on the camera behind… znaci hardware problem

  24. If cam drivers damaged
    try this method

    -Download and Unzip the file ( 4 bin files) cam_firmware.7z

    -With root explorer copy the 4 bin files into:
    system/firmware (replace old ones)

    -And then *#34971539# -> Phone to CAM FW

    -After the reboot the cam works again
    it’ amazing solutions!!!!!!!

  25. after the firs step the camera works, however when trying to turn the camera around the failed message comes back

  26. hardware problem as I am trying to fix my gf’s phone. Its 100% hardware, I ran every test possible as I am a developer too!
    Front camera works just not the back. You can upgrade your phone using odin
    It wont fix the camera. Take it to Samsung or Carphone Warehouse in UK and they will fix it!

  27. I have a galaxy s3 GT-I9300. all the things above did not work for me.
    So i found a forum where they say: you need to fix the hardware and clean it up.
    I did the whole thing.
    Camera is still not working.
    Its not a hardware problem and i noticed the following thing:
    The CameraSoftware is missing to.
    A few monds ago i wend to youtube and found a video to update your camera firmware but the app isn’t starting eighter.
    Are there any other sollutions?
    Please help me.

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