Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could lose headphone jack, physical buttons, rumor says

Samsung has long taken advantage of the fact that the it is one of the few major manufacturers to keep the headphone jack; however, a new rumor says that Samsung could finally get rid of it, starting with the Galaxy Note 10.

While nothing is official, if Samsung were to finally get rid of it, it would likely frustrate many fans of Samsung. However, removing the headphone jack has often been said to be a necessary move in order to improve and upgrade other components.

The rumor suggests that Samsung could do something else fairly crazy as well: removal of the volume, power, and Bixby buttons. While that might sound insane, the Korean tech giant would replace them with capacative or pressure sensitive options.

Keep in mind that these are all rumors. Another source, this time from Twitter leakster Ice Universe, says that forgoing the physical buttons didn’t work out well during QA testing, which means that they might be here to stay.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumor mill is starting to fire up, so we’ll no doubt hear more about the phone as we get closer to the release, and as folks get more excited about the flagship.

We’re not sure when we can expect an official announcement yet, but we’re expecting it to happen a little closer to fall, as Samsung always tends to do.

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source: Android Police

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