Mysterious Google device shows up at the FCC

It looks like we could be seeing a new device from Google. What has been labeled as a “media device” from the company, has just shown up at the FCC for review and certification.

There isn’t obviously a whole lot of information just yet, but it looks like we could see a model number of A4R-H2B, which would be a stark difference from Google’s other current media devices.

There’s no telling what this new device could be. There was some chatter that it could be a new Home device, but with it sporting its own 3.8 volt Li-ion battery, it would have to be something else.

It could be some time before we actually get an idea of what this one is all about. The FCC’s confidentiality date lasts until November 28, so we’re likely holding out for a Google event later this year before we get an official word.

We are pretty confident that this will be a Home or Assistant device of some sort, so if you’re planning on buying any new Google Home devices, you may want to hold out for what’s happening this winter at Google.

source: FCC
via: Android Police

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