Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 already being prepped for early next year

There’s a lot more behind the Galaxy Fold than we initially thought. A new rumor shows a second-generation Galaxy Fold being prepared for launch next year, but with an S-Pen, a la the Galaxy Note series.

This rumored Galaxy Fold will sport an 8-inch display, which is quite an upgrade over the original’s unfolded 7.3-inch display.

We have yet to actually see the Galaxy Fold in the consumer market, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from prepping a second-gen model yet, even though they don’t entirely know how well it will perform.

No one is going to want to invest in a Galaxy Fold 2 until they see that Samsung has addressed many of the concerns in the original Galaxy Fold.

We don’t entirely know how true this report is. Samsung usually launches phones on a 1-year upgrade cycle. So if we got the Galaxy Fold in late summer or fall at some point, a new one in early 2020 wouldn’t make too much sense, especially as consumers are already spending less on smartphones.

source: SamMobile

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