ASUS could launch its ROG Phone 2 next month

ASUS is looking at continuing its series of Republic of Gamers phones, with it eyeing up a ROG Phone 2 launch with Tencent next month in July, a new report says

The ROG Phone is extremely unique, featuring a gamer-like design with hardware that can play all of the top Android games without a hitch.

The original phone has some excellent reviews, but as you can imagine with a niche phone like this, the ROG phone was hardly flying off the shelves, thus why a ROG Phone 2 is kind of surprising.

ASUS made an official announcement in partnership with Tencent, giving us the July release window. However, ASUS also says that this partnership will make the ROG Phone 2 optimized for gaming, specifically in Tencent’s PUBG Mobile.

The Taiwan-based company didn’t have any other details to provide, but with a phone like this, it’s not too far-fetched to think that it’ll have all of the latest and greatest hardware — a Snapdragon 855, a big battery, a top tier display, etc.

source: Phone Arena

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