How to Reset APN Settings on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This post will teach you how to reset APN settings on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 device. Feel free to use this as personal reference in case you need help restoring the default APN settings so as to rectify any existing network-related issues on your Samsung tablet.

APN or Access Point Name refers to the label assigned to the some unique settings read by mobile devices for them to set up a connection to the gateway between the carrier or network service provider and the public Internet.

In short, the APN has the network settings required by mobile devices to connect to the network service provider.

By default, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are already designed to have several APN settings that are programmed to work for phone calls automatically. However, these settings can also be altered by end-users, unless blocked by the carrier.

If you happen to mess up these settings and that has resulted in some network errors, then restoring the default APN settings can help.

And here’s how it’s done on the Galaxy Tab S6.

Easy Steps to Reset APN Settings on your Galaxy Tab S6

Time Needed : 8 minutes

While the outlined steps and screenshots below are applicable to the Galaxy Tab S6, there may be some slight variations on the screens and menu items by carrier and the software version the device is running on.

  1. To get started, access the Apps viewer by swiping up from the bottom of the Home screen.

    On the Apps viewer, you will see many different app icons or shortcut controls to all apps and services installed on the device.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6

  2. Go on and then tap the Settings icon.

    Doing so will open the main settings menu where basic and advanced features are itemized.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - settings menu

  3. To continue, tap Connections.

    Network and wireless features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data and other relevant functions and settings populate the next display.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6-connections

  4. Select Mobile networks from the given items.

    Doing so will launch a new screen that enumerates mobile network settings and features to manage.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - mobile networks

  5. Scroll down and then tap Access Point Names.

    The Access Point Names menu opens next.In here you can see the name of your network service provider along with an Add command and a quick menu icon or control.Screen items and menu options however may vary by carrier or network service providers and software version of the device.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - access point names

  6. To continue, tap the Quick menu icon or triple-dot figure located on the upper-rightmost corner.

    Doing so will trigger a pop-up menu to open on the same side of the display.On this menu you can find the command to reset the current Access Point Name settings and restore the defaults.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - quick menu icon

  7. Simply tap on the Reset to default command to instigate the reset.

    A pop-up window opens at the bottom center of the display.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - reset default

  8. Read and review the message and then tap Reset to confirm that you’d like to reset the APN settings on your tablet.

    Existing APN settings including added APNs will then be erased and restored to the original or default configuration.reset apn settings galaxy tab s6 - confirm reset

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

Performing an APN settings reset forces the device to re-read the information from the mobile network and  the SIM card in use.

This reset is typically needed whenever you cannot access your mobile data connection or certain apps on your device will only download over Wi-Fi networks.

The process does not actually affect any other settings on your device so there’s no need to back up files beforehand.

Other instances that require an APN settings reset include SIM swap or switching to another carrier or network service provider.

If you’re unable to access the APN settings on your device, check and ensure that mobile data is enabled. If your tablet’s Mobile Data switch is greyed out, contact your carrier for further assistance. 

Hope this helps!

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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