Google Store Customers Receive Pixel 4 Units SIM Locked to Xfinity

Some buyers of the Pixel 4 were in for a surprise as they received their supposedly unlocked units locked to Xfinity Mobile upon activation. And to make things worse, Google even sent some replacements to the affected users but those were found to be locked to Xfinity as well.

This naturally has caused a lot of frustration among the select few Pixel 4 owners that went through the ordeal. The devices were purchased through the Google Store, which means this was an error by Google. Users shared their concerns on Reddit’s Pixel 4 subreddit, while also revealing the depth of the issue.

This can probably be explained by supply chain sources, and it’s likely that this was just a mixup. If you’re one of the affected users right now, all you can do is post a complaint and wait for your replacement since it doesn’t seem like Google is going to unlock these devices with a software update. The Pixel 4 launch didn’t go as smoothly as the company had planned as it was plagued with multiple complaints after its release. Users have so far reported problems with face unlock, green screen, and multiple other issues with the Pixel 4.

It’s somewhat disappointing that Google couldn’t handle its supply chain resources especially for a flagship device like the Pixel 4. In comparison, competitors like Apple and Samsung have seldom faced issues like these. With yet another Pixel device coming up in the form of the Pixel 4a, fans would hope for Google to fix software or hardware glitches. Google is expected to launch the Pixel 4a in key markets like India which missed out on the Pixel 4 due to local security laws.

Source: Reddit

Via: 9to5Google

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