7 Best Photo Editor App for Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is without a doubt one of the best flagships available in the market right now. In addition to a bunch of hardware features, it’s also known for its camera performance.

If you’re looking to utilize the camera on your new flagship to the fullest, you’re going to need a decent photo editor. While the default photo editing software on the galaxy s20 is fairly decent on its own, you can expand your reach a little bit by diving deeper into some third party photo editor apps.

While there are plenty to choose from, we’re going to make the job easier for you by discussing some of the best ones available in the market today. So let’s take a look at some of the best photo editor for galaxy s20.

Best Photo Editor App for Galaxy S20

1. Enlight Pixaloop

This app has been around on the Play Store for quite a while, and offers a long list of features to edit or tweak your photos. To start with, you get all the basic options to choose from here, and can progress onto more complex things once you get the hang of it. One of the marquee features of this app is the ability to animate the objects in your still images. These are known as moving photos and can add a bit of uniqueness to your pictures.

This app brings a bunch of video effects to your still photos, allowing you to make it seem like the clouds are moving. Creating these effects is really easy as you simply have to point the arrow mark in the direction that you want the animation to occur. It’s worth noting that the photo animation feature may not work perfectly in all images, but is still one of the best implementations we’ve seen so far.

So it should come as no surprise to the customers that this an Editor’s Choice app on the Play Store. There are no ads, but the developer offers in-app purchases for additional editing features. Be sure to have a closer look at this app.

Download it Now: Play Store

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2. PhotoDirector Photo Editor

Much like the app we talked about above, this app can also turn your still images into moving/animated photos. Additionally, it has pretty much everything else you will need to edit a regular photo. Users get granular control over their images with the ability to selectively crop or modify certain sections of the image rather than the whole thing.

You will also have the option to pick your favorite filters and also fix existing issues with your photos like bad lighting, digital noise, and so on. There are a handful of dispersion tools to choose from as well, allowing you to add a touch of magic to your photos. Other standard features like a built-in collage editor, blur editor, as well as the ability to create highlights and shadows are present here.

If you’re a fan of filters, you will like the inclusion of some retro filters like VHS, as well as the likes of Glitch and Mosaic. The developer provides an Instafill feature with this app, allowing you to conveniently upload your works of art onto Instagram. This is a freemium app which means you will get to see ads, but a payment will make it disappear while also adding some bonus features to the mix.

Download it Now: Play Store

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3. Photo Mate R3

Although this app has been around for a while, it’s one of the best options if you’re looking to edit RAW or .dng photos on the galaxy s20. Naturally, users can also post process images in formats like jpg while giving you extensive control over factors like ISO and white balance. Basic tools like contrast, brightness, clarity, and so on are also present.

The app developers include a Lens Collection feature which can automatically remove distortion, vignetting or chromatic aberration. While an app like this is mostly used for editing your professional RAW photos, it can also come to great use with the Samsung flagship, especially if you’re into professional photography and post processing.

This also serves as a very good image organizer with the ability to modify the description, title/name of existing photos. The developers have included handy editing tools like Gradient, Brush, Lasso, and so on. This app is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it Now: Play Store


4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe needs no introduction in the photo editing business as it has been one of the best services in the industry. Lightroom is a massively popular mobile editing application that has been used by millions of users around the world. In terms of features, Lightroom gives you the ability to edit both RAW and standard jpg photos.

What makes Lightroom special is the fact that it offers a camera software of its own, allowing you to control aspects like exposure, HDR, as well as built-in presets offered by Adobe. It can also let you shoot images directly in RAW or .dng format as well. The app has a series of sliders that lets you pick the editing tool of your choice.

What I like about the Lightroom app for Android is the fact that it’s tailored to work for mobile devices. While it can’t necessarily replicate your experience on a PC software, Adobe Lightroom for Android will get the job done with relative ease.

If you’re not too sure about your editing capabilities, Lightroom also has exciting presets that can enhance your photos with a single touch. Lightroom is a free download for Android and comes with in-app purchases. There are no ads here.

Download it Now: Play Store

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5. Fotor Photo Editor

This is one of the most unique photo editing apps you will come across as it not only lets you create magical images, but also earn some money out of it. Fotor is also an image licensing service that can pay you for your images if they are deemed fit. Images could be used for marketing materials, web design, or commercial displays. The editing features on this app are pretty decent too, which is one of the most important aspects for any photo editor.

Fotor offers a mix of easy to use presets as well as advanced editing tools for its customers, giving you the best of both worlds. Users can also make their own photo collages using two or more photos from your Gallery. There are hundreds of stickers and other customizable content to choose from which are updated each week, so that you have more tools to edit your photos.

No photo editor is complete without a healthy selection of filters, and we’re happy to say that Fotor doesn’t disappoint in this area. You get access to attractive filters like B&W, Kaleidoscope, Vintage, Film, and many more. This app can be downloaded for free, but has ads and in-app purchases as well.

Download it Now: Play Store

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6. Photo Editor Pro

This is more than just a normal photo editor with filters and other preset effects. In terms of features, Photo Editor Pro lets you make extensive changes to your images, including the ability to change blur intensity for your photos. You can also make granular edits to your images for those cool social media posts. It also comes with effects like Glitch and light leak.

Users will also be able to make collages instantly by using up to 18 pictures. Further, there are several backgrounds and grids to choose from for your collage. If your photo doesn’t have a blur effect by default, Photo Editor Pro will have you covered by providing DSLR-like background blurring effects.

The developer mentions that this app has more than 60 filters to choose from, giving you extensive control over your photos. Once you’ve finished editing your favorite picture, you can just as easily share it across social media platforms without ever exiting the app. Photo Editor Pro can be downloaded for free and is ad supported. Ads can be removed with in-app purchases, however.

Download it Now: Play Store


7. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is a recognized name in the photo editor business and is also an Editor’s Choice app on the Play Store. It offers a wide range of editing features, the likes of which are seldom found on other apps. PicsArt is known for its preset features like sketch effect, glitch effect, vintage filters, and a massive collection of stickers.

You can choose to fine tune your images using the brush tool, which also provides granular controls for editing. In addition to being a handy photo editor, PicsArt can also edit your videos taken from the galaxy s20. This app can also be useful if you’re into creating customized memes for social media.

Filters are available in abundance here and the app even offers super cool HDR filters that can change the way a standard image looks. Given that the galaxy s20 has an excellent camera, we highly recommend checking out PicsArt. The app is free to download on the Play Store. But users will have to deal with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it Now: Play Store

  1. Does the Galaxy S20 have a default photo editor?

    Yes, Samsung's Galaxy S20, like all modern-day phones, comes with an image editor. However, we recommend checking out third party image editor apps for additional features and tools.

  2. What are some of the best photo editing apps for Galaxy S20?

    Adobe's wide-range of image editing apps are tough to beat, while we also recommend checking out the likes of PicsArt and Enlight.

  3. Can you edit RAW photos on the Galaxy S20?

    Yes, you can edit RAW or .dng photos on the Galaxy S20 while the phone also offers the ability to shoot images in dng format by default.

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