Nexus 6P owners eligible for cash rebate up to $400

There’s some good news for Nexus 6P owners — if you purchased the device between September 29, 2015 and May 3, 2019, a new class-action lawsuit says that you could be eligible for a cash reimbursement of up to $400.

In summary, plaintiffs are saying that the Nexus 6P had two major issues — bootlooping or significant battery drain, sometimes both issues.

Bootlooping essentially refers to the device not able to complete its boot cycle, usually constantly turning on and off in a boot cycle that cannot finish, otherwise known as looping.

The battery drain issue mentioned in the case says that the Nexus 6P would spontaneously shutting down when it reached a certain percentage, most commonly when the device would entered or triggered a low-power mode. This could be as high as 20% battery life — thinking you have 20% left, and then your device just shutting down can be extremely frustrating.

You can read the full notice here, where you’ll also be able to find out information on what your payout will look like.

Google and Huawei, as you can imagine, have denied all claims, but both agreed to settle the dispute for $9.75 million.

You can file a claim at the source link below.

source: KCC Secure (Nexus 6P Claims Form)

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