Nebula Capsule 2 vs Mars 2 Pro Best Smart Mini Projector in 2024

Projectors are a perfect companion to entertain a large group of people at once with movies and TV shows of your choice. While getting projectors was a tough ordeal back in the day, things have changed significantly now. There are portable or smart mini projectors that you can carry around with you practically anywhere, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, nebula capsule vs mars pro.

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If you’ve been in the market to get a smart projector, you’ll know that Anker makes some of the best smart projectors out there. The key with smart mini projectors is that they have to be the right amount of weight so it’s not a burden to carry around.

We’re going to take a look at two of Anker’s smart mini projectors, known as the Nebula Capsule 2 and the Mars 2 Pro. These are excellent in their own right, but the choice will be fairly straight forward if it is a contest between the two. With this in mind, let’s have a look at our Nebula Capsule vs Mars Pro comparison.

Nebula Capsule 2 vs Mars 2 Pro Best Smart Mini Projector

nebula capsule vs mars pro

Nebula Capsule 2


This particular mini projector comes with Anker’s proprietary DLP technology. This allows the projector to offer a fill a 100-inch screen at 720p resolution. This is touted as a palm-sized smart mini projector, so the features it offers are really impressive. The company mentions that this projector can display an image at 200-ANSI-lumen.

What makes this special is the addition of Android TV, powered by Android 9.0 Pie. This gives you access to use all the apps available on the Google Play Store, including games on a big screen. The company also discusses the addition of its autofocus technology which ensures the projector is ready to go within a matter of seconds.

Moreover, you can also control apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video using this smart mini projector, but the process is not as easy as downloading the app from the Play Store. For this purpose, the company recommends downloading the Nebula Manager app from the Google Play Store.

To make this mini projector easier to operate, Anker also offers a remote with this offering. The onboard speakers are not particularly loud, but they do a good job of providing clear and uninterrupted audio. There’s an 8W speaker underneath the shell, apparently. One of the handiest features of this smart mini projector is the addition of a USB A port that allows you to insert flash drives or storage drives containing movies and media.

In terms of battery performance, Anker claims that the Nebula Capsule 2 can run for around 2.5 hours of videos with its 9,500 mAh battery, which is fairly impressive compared to conventional mini projectors available in the market today. This is an excellent projector to have on your adventures, and the fact that it pairs just like Bluetooth speaker makes things even easier. Since this is a modern-day mini projector, Anker has chosen to go with a USB C slot instead of a micro USB port while the company also offers a charging cable. Given that this product runs Android, it also comes with Google Assistant by default along with Chromecast support.

Pros and Cons

The Nebula Capsule 2 is a great projector, but as we usually say, no device is without its flaws. In comparison with the Mars 2 Pro, the Nebula Capsule 2 is somewhat lacking. Given its shape and size, the Nebula Capsule 2 has a smaller battery underneath, which means it can’t run for longer than 2.5 hours.

On the other hand, this means the Nebula Capsule 2 is significantly lighter than the Mars 2 Pro. This can definitely be a positive factor for several prospective buyers out there.

Another negative with the Nebula Capsule 2 is that it features a slightly dimmer bulb at just 200-lumens compared to the Mars 2 Pro’s 500-lumens bulb, offering projection with more clarity.

Thankfully, the company has been mindful enough to include features like Chromecast streaming (won’t work with Netflix), which is something that the Mars 2 Pro lacks. So it’s clear that there are some big tradeoffs to make if you’re going to pick the Nebula Capsule 2.

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nebula capsule vs mars pro

Anker Mars 2 Pro


The Mars 2 Pro is slightly more portable compared to the Nebula Capsule 2, and it shows right as you see it. There’s a handle on the projector which makes it easier to carry. In terms of design, this projector has a more boxy shape while Anker’s Nebula Capsule 2 has a more cylindrical form. The company mentions that this projector can show content in 720p thanks to the 500 lumens bulb underneath. This makes it significantly brighter than the Nebula Capsule 2, which is a bonus on a mini projector.

This projector also comes with the company’s proprietary autofocus technology that makes sure the projection stays on point and clear throughout your usage. As far as support for media is concerned, you can plug in your USB flash drive or an HDMI device thanks to dedicated USB and HDMI ports on the device. You also get features like Wi-Fi and Screen Mirroring, making this a powerhouse in terms of connectivity options.

The company has also built in some upgrades in the audio department thanks to the dual 10W audio drivers providing optimum audio performance even outdoors. In the software department, this particular offering is somewhat lacking compared to the Nebula Capsule 2. The Mars 2 Pro runs Android 7.1 Nougat, with all Android TV features that you can expect, including the Google Play Store along with apps like YouTube, Prime Video, and so on.

Despite lacking in the software department, it’s clear that the Mars II Pro is a superior offering in almost every other department. The company is using a 12,500 mAh battery here which will apparently last for around 3 hours on a full charge. Although this is only around 30 minutes more than the Nebula Capsule 2, the added battery life is definitely welcome. The projector cannot stream copyrighted content from platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and so on.

So how far can this device project? Well, the company mentions that it can offer anywhere between 30 to 150-inches of screen size, making this suitable for a slightly bigger audience than usual. However, if you’re in an outdoor setting, we recommend using additional speakers as the default speakers may not be suited for large audiences.

This smart mini projector also comes with Bluetooth onboard, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone. To make the process even easier, users can download the Nebula Connect app. This will allow customers to modify certain aspects of the projector while also using it as remote control from a distance.

Pros and Cons

Fortunately, the Mars 2 Pro is packed with features that make it a winner in our book. However, it is lacking in one area, particularly the software. But if you’re simply looking for a powerful projector and the lack of software doesn’t really matter, then there’s nothing else to consider.

Unfortunately, there’s no support for Chromecast in this model, something that a few users may be seeking in a projector like this. It’s also bulkier than the Nebula Capsule 2, which can be a disadvantage, although the weight difference isn’t too much. This also means you get a bigger battery that can effectively last for 30 minutes more than the Nebula Capsule 2.

But customers do get the brighter 500-lumens bulb, which can project far better in bad lighting conditions. If this is one of the priorities for you, it goes without saying that the Mars 2 Pro is unbeatable in this area when compared with the Nebula Capsule 2.

The dual 10W audio drivers on the Mars 2 Pro mean the speakers perform significantly better than the Capsule 2. You can liken the quality and sound of this projector to portable Bluetooth speakers that are currently available in the market.

This projector is slightly older than the Nebula Capsule 2, which can be a negative for some buyers. Since we have to consider all kinds of buyers when we compare these two products, one can consider this one of the few negative aspects of the Mars 2 Pro.

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Verdict on Nebula capsule vs Mars pro

If you’ve gone through both devices carefully, you will know that the choice is really not that simple. What if you want decent hardware and the latest software? Well, that’s where we’d choose the Nebula Capsule 2.

But what if you don’t care much about the software but want better hardware, like an improved battery? This is where we’d recommend the Mars 2 Pro.

The choice between the new Nebula Capsule vs Mars Pro is particularly hard considering that neither projector offers a combination of excellent hardware and the latest software. But for a device like a projector, we feel the software really shouldn’t matter much since it’s a bonus in the first place. Keeping this in mind, we feel the best smart mini projector among the two is certainly the Mars 2 Pro.

But if a portable projector is your only criterion, the Nebula Capsule 2 will come in handy. Thanks to its design, it will fit into almost any backpack.

Do you have any other points that you want to add? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. What is a smart mini projector?

    This is a device that lets you project content onto a wall or a screen of compatible size. These operate on battery, which means they need charging frequently.

  2. How long does a smart mini projector last?

    This depends on which product you buy, but on average, it can be said that a smart mini projector lasts for approximately 2.5 hours of continuous projection.

  3. Which is the best smart mini projector you can get today?

    Despite featuring a slightly older software, we find the Anker Mars II Pro to be the best offering you can get right now. It has a bigger battery and a wider projection size as well.

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