5 Best Bluetooth Bike Speakers In 2020

Biking one of your favorite hobbies? Hate having earbuds in your ears as you fly down the road? Then you might want to get rid of them and replace them with a neat technology: Bluetooth bike speakers — you can say goodbye to those annoying headphones and place a Bluetooth bike speaker on your bike. Before you head off, hook up to your smartphone by way of Bluetooth, start your playlist, and then you can listen to music as you go around your bike route without the hindrance of something in or on your ears.

What bike speakers should you pick up then? Follow along below: we’ve got the best for your bike already listed.

Best Bluetooth Bike Speakers

1. Zealot Bicycle Speaker

The first bicycle speaker you should pick up is the S1 by Zealot. The S1 features a 4,000mAh battery, so it can last a good while on battery power. It might on the surface look like your average everyday Bluetooth speaker, but it actually comes with a durable mount that attaches to the speaker, and then clamps firmly down on your bike. It actually doubles as a power bank in the event that you need to stop on the side of the road or trail somewhere and charge up your phone to make a phone call or send a text message before it dies. Aside from that, the speakers themselves sound great — you’ll get great mids, lows, and quality highs. Treble sounds phenomenal, and it’s able to produce accurate sound across the board. It does really well with the bass, too.

2. Venstar S404 Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Venstar S404 Bluetooth Bike Speaker. This might be one of the best on our list in terms of portability. It’s a really small speaker, so it tucks away on your bike’s handle rather nicely. Its outer shell is made of durable polycarbonate plastic that will keep it safe from drops and general¬† wear and tear in the elements. Sound quality is great — you only get about 6 watts of power outputted out of this device, but it still sounds good due to its small structure. There are adjustments for volume, skipping tracks, take call, end call, and more.

3. Celtic Blu Bluetooth Speaker System

Celtic Blue offers a high-end Bluetooth speaker for your bike, too. It’s able to output up to 16 watts of power, which means it can deliver some seriously nice sound. It’s capable of a Bluetooth range of 100ft without any wireless interference, so you don’t have to unhook the speaker from your bike to keep the music playing if you need to walk away for a moment. It does come with its own little bike cage, as well as remote for controlling the speaker. Surround sound capabilities mean you’re going to get high quality sound in almost any genre you play.

4. Avantree Portable Wireless Bicycle Speaker

Avantree is a prolific maker of sound products, and they don’t cut any corners with their bicycle speaker either. It’s only able to produce about 10 watts of power as opposed to the Celtic Blu’s 16, but sound quality is still fairly good. Bass is one of the best parts of the speaker while treble does leave you wanting more. The speaker can play songs locally by way of an SD card slot, and it does come with an SD card so you won’t have to buy extra accessories. It comes with a bike mount for easy mounting on the steering column of your bicycle, too.

5. Alpatronix Waterproof Bicycle Speaker

You might also want to consider what Alpatronix is offering in its waterproof bicycle speaker — it’s able to deliver a whole 12 watts of power for, at least close to, unmatched sound quality while biking down the road. It has a ton of resistance from the elements – you’ll get waterproofing, shockproofing, and even dustproofing in this bicycle speaker.

It actually has a built-in microphone so that you can take calls without picking up your smartphone while on the trails. There’s a play/pause button that also functions as take call or end call button. It has volume adjustment buttons on the speaker as well. Of course, a bike mount is included.

Best Bluetooth Bike Speakers Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of great speakers on the market for cyclists. If you want to throw those earbuds out, any one of these bike speakers comes with a bike mount that easily allows you to mount the speaker on your bike or handle. You’ll be able to continue to listen to your favorite music without obstruction in your ear.